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  1. Background adapted from a serif resource disc image. Here's mister Fox
  2. Interesting plugin, thank you. I think you will find that this plugin is located in Effects > Distort and not Effects > Render.
  3. Hi Svea. Thank you for posting regarding your mother, I wish her all the best wishes and hope that all will be ok in the future for her. I have just recently recovered from coronavirus and yesterday ventured outdoors for the first time in 6 weeks, I spent a total of 3 weeks in hospital, for now I have a reduced lung capacity (84%) and still feel weak and tired during the day, but with good medical care and following advice from my doctors, I have managed to get over the worse, so I understand what Leanne is going through and again i wish her the very best ❤️
  4. @Seerose You may want to look at when he last logged in.
  5. Sometime before I was created, but a fantastic tune (and video) all the same.
  6. Created using sketch effect, I then duplicated the image, changed the blend mode to multiply and then used sepia2 effect.
  7. Also if you are using Windows 10 (version 1903) you can change the colour and size of your mouse cursor.
  8. I did thank you, just pity that work got in the way of some of it
  9. Thank you guys, I only wish birthdays didn't turn up every year
  10. Where do I get the latest version from? I visited the G'mic website but the download link just brings me back to this forum.
  11. Thanks for clearing it up. Seems like an odd theme. I would have thought the best theme would be an "any plugin" you like one.
  12. I don't get this weeks SOTW. After hitting the randomise button on the plugin are we allowed to modify the sliders or do we just just click OK and leave everything on default ?
  13. Thank you, thank you for the well wishes, so very kind of you
  14. If you mean restoring it back to how it was before you edited it ? Short answer - You can't. It's always best to work on a copy of a picture so you always have the original.
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