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  1. You're doing it all wrong if it takes that amount of time. 1. Open a new blank image (it will have a white background by default) 2. Add a NEW LAYER. 3. Activate the text tool. 4. Select your text font and size 5. Click on the canvas and start typing on the new layer 5. Run Object > Outline and either will do ALL the outlining - inside the characters as well. All in one go. Notice there is no selection required. The reason you're having trouble is that you're not putting your text on it's own layer. Therefore the plugins don't know where the "holes" are. Always put your
  2. How much free space do you have on your hard drive?
  3. If Curves+ or Hue & Saturation+ don't do the job, try Selective Enhancement or Selective Toning
  4. This thread is six years old Lpainter. If you wish to ask the question anew then please just start a new thread rather than reviving something long dead. Don't forget the power of the custom search http://searchpaint.net/+ underwater gives you the link I think you want right at the top of the list. <locked>
  5. @MJW - Top effort! The Mountains still look a little washed out. Would you indulge me and try duplicating the mountain layer, then setting the top one to Multiply? I just wondered if this would make the colors more vivid.
  6. Reading the struck out part in the first post - I believe it goes in the /paint.net/ directory, so I think you had it right.
  7. Try Advanced Rotate, Rotate Zoom+ or Rotation Bilinear.
  8. The SGI .RGB format is apparently quite old and rare. I did some research for you. Irfanview will open the format via an additional plugin http://www.irfanview.com/main_formats.htm ImageMagic is also apparently able to open these files.
  9. Fresh out of monitors. Will an Administrator do?
  10. Hi highpunch - welcome to the forum You're using an early version of paint.net (4.0.3). Try upgrading to the latest release (4.0.5) by going to the Setting Dialog and clicking on the Updates tab then click the Check Now button.
  11. These look spectacular Red! Can't wait to play with this... Thanks!
  12. Tried this filetype RGB565 Android format? Oh. It looks like you did. Changing the file extension is not the same as converting the image to a different format
  13. It's winter down here. Snow is forecast this weekend. Snow is my favorite weather phenomenon so I'm happy.
  14. Don't know if it will help, but you could try disabling your anti-virus before you attempt to install. Remember to enable it again afterwards
  15. Don't worry about it Max. It's not your subject or theme, there is a general downturn in comp entries lately.
  16. Sounds like you need to remove some legacy bits of the prior installation. Go here http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/692-install-update-or-uninstall-trouble-read-this/ and read up on the Windows Installer CleanUp utility (post #2).
  17. It says you're out of memory. You've got 3893 MB (4Gb) installed - that should be enough. What other applications do you have running? What size is the image and how many layers does it have?
  18. 1. Draw your line on it's own on a transparent layer. 2. Duplicate the layer :DuplicateLayer: 3. Move one layer a pixel or two sideways with the Move tool (hint: use the arrow keys for precise movements).
  19. Do the math 4x6 @ 300 DPI = 1200x1800 pixels. 5x7 @ 300 DPI = 1500x2100 pixels 8x10 @ 300 DPi = ? In case you didn't find the resize function - press Ctrl + R or find it in the Image menu (Image > Resize)
  20. You're trying to install a very old version of paint.net. Download the latest from here http://www.dotpdn.com/downloads/pdn.html
  21. I hope this is what you're after 1. Open an image (Black and White seemed to work nicely) 2. Duplicate the layer 3. On the top layer Set the Blend mode to Negation. 4. Run Self Negation (http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/25083-color-self-negation-now-v11/) with these settings 5. Apply a 2px Gaussian Blur to the top layer. 6. Flatten and save. I'm sure there are other techniques. Metalize and Bizaro-Negation plugins might be worth a look.
  22. It also seems to use multiple layers to reinterpret many images. Plugins only have access to a single layer (and the clipboard).
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