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  1. Welcome lacym. Please repost your problem in it's own thread, including a screenshot if possible. This thread is over a year old. Thanks.
  2. It downloads a copy of the Plugin Index. This is 100% safe. Plugin Browser uses the information in the Plugin Index to help categorize plugins you have installed.
  3. Click on a white pixel, then hit the Delete key on your keyboard. Welcome aboard Swifty. Here on the forum we discourage replying to old posts. This thread is four years old. If you wish to restart a discussion, please just start a new thread. Thanks.
  4. Yes you can specify a custom installation location. If you're installing for the first time I strongly recommend you use the default installation options. Its easier.
  5. 1. I've edited the URL you posted to make it clickable. 2. You're using an old version of paint.net. You really should update to the latest version. 3. The issue you've got appears to be that you're pasting a big graphic onto a small one. The canvas is being enlarged to fit the larger size. This is why you see a large expanse of white around the smaller image. Try resizing the larger image so that it's the same size as the smaller one.
  6. Upload it to ImgUr/Photobucket and post the link here.
  7. It won't help because the question was asked in 2009. <closed>
  8. Dee, this thread is nine years old. The original poster is probably a grandparent by now Let's keep the forum current by ignoring old posts like this. Thanks. <closed>
  9. Can you zip the file and attach it? Someone might be able to restore some of it. Wouldn't hurt to try. Have you tried right clicking on the file + Restore Previous Version?
  10. No file attached? Try running this plugin http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/31715-whats-it-tools-effect-plugin/
  11. Glad you got it sorted Smaland47! It's wonderful how much good a cold boot can do to solve mysterious issues like this
  12. How very tactless. And its your first post too Rick is the Developer and programmer. He makes the decisions, and yes he generally does know better than the user. Trust me on that. You'll find that around here we support and encourage constructive criticism and dialogue. Your sort of comment is not helpful and not adding to the conversation. How about helping pin down the cause? Why not post your system specs for example (Settings > Diagnostics)? Tried updating your video drivers recently? Did that help?
  13. Hi Nero7 - welcome to the forum Four control nubs is all we get for this tool. There is no way to add more. Sorry about that - it's the way it works. Several forum members (the Dwarf Horde: TechnoRobbo, Red Ochre and myself) are working on an enhanced tool which can join lines and curves into complex shapes which are re-editable. It's almost due for a _limited_ release. At this stage I don't know when (if??) it will become publicly available.
  14. Links in the post immediately above have been fixed. They lead to BoltBait's plugin pack (v4.x). I don't think Outline Object has it's own thread. Correct me if I'm wrong. Note that I'm also in the process of updating all the older links to BoltBait's plugin pack (they are still showing above) . The Plugin Index itself will have to await the next revision at the end of the month for these changes to take place.
  15. Can't agree about the direction of the active layer focus. I think the present functionality is logical and appropriate. Hiding a layer transfers the active focus to a lower layer. Transferring up in the stack doesn't seem logical. The flow must be to cascade downwards surely?
  16. Paint.net has bicubic resampling. Check out the options under Image > Resize > Resampling. These algorithms are used to 'fill in the blanks' when you resize an image to be larger than the original. It is no surprise that the resultant details are softer. You're using (very clever) methods to smear the existing pixel data over a larger area. There is still no way to "enhance" an image like CSI would have you believe. The data is just not there.
  17. Try pdnrepair. You'll find it in your paint.net installation directory. If that fails you might as well try reinstalling.
  18. Has too! It's awaiting Developer approval and edits
  19. How many Effects do you have installed? I have a MASSIVE amount and it certainly does affect startup speed. Try this before reinstalling: Rename the Effects folder & restart. That will load zero Effect plugins. DO remember to change the name of the effects folder back again before trying the reinstall.
  20. Recommend you have a look at VS 2015 Preview. It's also free.
  21. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/6291-the-sanctuary/?p=415731 Truly a gorgeous image Goony!
  22. These tools are selecting on three channel color channels (RGB), not the transparency channel (A). Just because they look the same does not mean they are identical to the selection tools.
  23. Hi and welcome vroomvsr! Use the new Shapes tool. It's icon is at the bottom of the Tools Window. Click that then select the Rectangle Shape from the drop down list in the Tool Bar (I recall that the Rectangle Shape is the default one). Next to the shape drop down list in the Tool Bar is an option to draw outline, filled or outline+filled. Select the second option (filled). This will draw in the currently selected Primary color if you use the left mouse button. If you use the Right mouse button the Secondary color will be used. Click on the canvas and hold the mouse butto
  24. Interesting error. Can the error window be dragged out to make it larger? I wonder if this will reveal some more information.
  25. alainrichard: Please repost your problem in the thread where the plugin was released. That way we keep all the conversations about the plugin in the same place. Thanks.
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