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  1. The latest user to discover the dread Megalo pack: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/31823-psd-plugin-no-longer-working/#entry426754
  2. Relax NN. I don't think that comment was meant to be insulting.
  3. If a descriptive name doesn't pop into your thoughts try an offbeat one. "Rainbow Eye Bleed" - because it makes my eyes whimper....
  4. If we disallow CodeLab then what about the likes of Scriptlab, PixelLab & PDN Scriptor? CodeLab is a tool. It's true that it's used to create new stuff, but this is likely to be a compilation of manually available techniques. ReMake has just released a perfect example by way of a new CodeLab tutorial (Sponge). BoltBait has built a wonderful interface designer for CodeLab. Non-coders can create their own effects with minimal effort. So I don't believe there is a case for disallowing the use of CodeLab. It is entirely within the PDN environment. Aside: Don't you think that the competit
  5. Try downloading a fresh copy from the website and trying to install that. What OS are you using? What version of paint.net did you have?
  7. Nice icon @Maximillian: Recompiling the plugin code with CodeLab will make it compatible with your version. The question is.... why haven't you updated to paint.net 4?
  8. Its a complex method to achieve color blending, but here we go... 1. Select your blue color as the Primary color. 2. Create a new layer (layer B ) 3. In the new layer, drag out a blue rectangle using the Shapes tool. 4. Select the example green color as the Primary color. 5. Create a new layer (layer C) 6. In the new layer, drag out a green rectangle using the Shapes tool which overlaps one corner of the blue rectangle. 7. Double click Layer C to open the Properties dialog. 8. Blend mode = Normal. 9. Opacity = 102 (which is 40% of the maximum 255). 10. Flatten Layers B and
  9. The default positions are snapped into the corners of the editing window Tools = top left History = Top right Layers = bottom right Colors = bottom left Where are yours appearing?
  10. I wasn't trying to be sarcastic or anything like that. It's just that we already have this annual poll which BoltBait generously hosts. All forum users can take part. You've been a member here through two of these polls. So I assumed you'd know about it. If you feel your suggestion can add value - I'm willing to be convinced
  11. Select the entire shadow layer by first clicking on it in the Layers Window and then pressing Ctrl + A (Select All). Activate the Move tool Grab the top centre control nub and drag it down to squash the shadow layer. When you're satisfied, release the control nub. You might also get some nice effects by using Rotate/zoom (Ctrl + Shift + Z).
  12. You get a chance to vote for this every year in the annual forum poll. Is that not enough?
  13. The easiest way is to modify an existing palette and save it (see http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/WorkingWithPalettes.html) OR Make an image with a nice palette and use this plugin to export the palette Palette from Image Palettes need to be in *.txt format so paint.net can read them. As the above link shows, you can load different palettes easily.
  14. We'll help you create your own image - but not do it for you. This forum specifically forbids soliciting for artists/artwork.
  15. Distorted interference - try this plugin set PolyGlitch
  16. Hi sdazdafas! Welcome to the forum First things first - have you done a cold boot since installing SP1? Second - give us a screenshot or more detailed info about the error message. When in the installation cycle does it appear?
  17. Cool technique! I like this a lot Thanks Goony.
  18. Do you mean the Clone Stamp tool ? How to use it: see http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/CloneStamp.html
  19. I think MJW has it. The image doesn't appear to be anything like the dimensions you posted. Try this: Copy the image to the clipboard from wherever you got it. Next create a new image with PDN (File>New). The new canvas will be the correct size to house the clipboard image.
  20. A long shot would be Liquify. I think MJW has correctly identified by your description.
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