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  1. Outer ring on of the Roll Control (Rotate/Zoom) is buggy when Shift is held down.
  2. Hello TheGhostGamer! Welcome to the paint.net forum. You'll need to copy the text file here so we can see what it says.
  3. Hi Moonmonkey - welcome to the forum Yes this is possible - and quite easily done, depending on the complexity of the design. To make a grid the easiest way is to use a plugin. I like this one: Grid Maker. Other plugins will do the same job like CellMaker which gives options to radius the cell corners. Another plugin will be necessary - Im(age)PDF. This allows the image to be output as a PDF file. Installation instructions for plugins can be found here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/forum/36-how-to-install-pluginsgeneral-plugin-troubleshooting/
  4. We need more information. Much more. Give us your system specs for starters. How much memory do you have? What OS? How many processors...,
  5. In an attempt to use my Admin powers for Good - I've offered to help iamnoob with this project. Anyone got any clever ideas on how to assemble 400 smallish images into one large one?
  6. The beauty of the CSV file format is its simplicity. MS Excel opens the format for example. So you could... 1. Compile the 400 icons into one huge image. 2. Use the CSV plugin to save the image data into one CSV file. 3. Open the file in Excel and filter out duplicate colors. Job done!
  7. June Update Some really nice plugins this month. Something for everyone surely.... Most of these authors have also published the source code to their plugins. I'm always stunned at this generosity & helpful attitude. You guys are great. Circle Fractal - @AhmedElyamani. Creates a circular fractal similar to a stylized snowflake. See post #16 in the thread for 3.5x version. Display Color Change Direction - @MJW. Reinterprets an image into a recolored version using multiple hues shifted from the original. Source available. See post #41 for 3.5x version. Eliminate Black/Eliminat
  8. Excellent plugin Midora! It took me a while to find it. I was looking for an entry called "Spirit level" in the Photo submenu. I think it would be better under this name than Rotate.....
  9. You can separate the R, G, B and A channels and arrange them in different sequences, and in different formats. The plugin processes ALL the pixels in the image - saving each one sequentially into a text file. A note of caution: an 800 x 600 px image is going to generate a file of some size! It is ideally suited to smaller images.
  10. I'm loving this series of tutorials ReMake! Thank you.
  11. A plugin is not going to do this. Neither do I think paint.net can do it. You're asking for multiple instances of paint.net to simultaneously edit the same online canvas.
  12. I think you're using the right tool. In what way do you want to improve the process? You want to automate it? If you want to customize the output there is also the CSV file type plugin here http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/31674-csv-comma-separated-values-filetype/
  13. Last post in this thread was was December 2013 AriDiz. That means the conversation is over. If you wish to restart discussion on an old subject please just start a new thread. Thanks and welcome to the forum
  14. Excellent image Dryda! A beautiful composition. I'm pleased one of my tools helped you create it.
  15. The selection tools have a number of "modes" of operation. Most of us know for example that the Ctrl key adds selections together. This could be used to chain a number of smaller selections together. Alt removes sections from an existing selection. Useful if you have a large selection that you want to nibble bits out of. Then there is Intersect (Alt + right mouse) and Invert (Ctrl + Right mouse). These Modes are available from the tool bar (remember to change back to the default or you'll wonder why your selections are acting funny )
  16. Hi ShadoxLunik - welcome to the forum I replaced your "spoiler" tags with "Hide" tags. This fixed the formatting of your post. Unfortunately I have no suggestions for your problem. I suspect that it might be related to HD display. I'll leave this for others to suggest fixes.
  17. Also: 64 bit Windows will run faster than 32 bit.
  18. You're welcome Scooter. Glad you got it sorted.
  19. Hi Piscaso - welcome to the forum! Are you trying to make a selection or draw in a given color? "Pen" to me is a drawing tool, yet you've described using the Lasso tool - which makes selections. An example image showing what you're trying to do might help explain things Edit: Beaten to the reply by Fuzzy.
  20. First - disable your anti-virus. Next, manually unzip the download then try and run it. There have been reported problems when running the exe from within the zip file. If that fails you might as well try the Windows Installer CleanUp utility as described in post #2 here http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/692-install-update-or-uninstall-trouble-read-this/ That should get you back to a clean system.
  21. Good luck restoring your PC! Remember, ONLY download plugins from this forum or from links posted here by the author. All other sources should be considered toxic.
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