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  1. The only way to do this is with a custom brush. Consider a brush like this
  2. Saintman had two users point to the forum rules because of the way he/she was posting. When that type of posting persists and the OP can't even be bothered to read replies users are taking the time to supply, I'm not surprised people are getting a little testy. Saintman has even started a new thread. In capitals. My reply is terse http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/32012-how-do-i-add-an-element-beard-head-covering-christian-project-show-how-to-draw/
  3. Translation System.AccessViolationException : Attempted to read or write protected memory . Typically, this is an indication that other memory is corrupt . ( PaintDotNet.Canvas.CanvasControl ) Can you give us a step-by-step guide to how this error occurs? In other words, what are you doing with paint.net when the error is thrown?
  4. Posting like that is just being obnoxious saintman. To find the color in an image, use the Color Picker tool. The keyboard shortcut to activate this tool is K.
  5. @Racerx - pschroeter want to crop to the smallest bounding rectangle which contains all of the black elements. Plugins cannot crop an image. So that option is out. Following the method you use above, how about adding a new layer (Ctrl+Shift+N), move it below the B & W layer. Select all of it (Ctrl+A) and fill it with the default Secondary color (Shift + Backspace). Flatten and save.
  6. Forum Rule #23 strictly forbids asking forum users to do work for you. We are happy to help you edit this image yourself.
  7. Rules were made to be broken I am hatching an evil plan to use HTML5 in a browser window to present my talk. Basically an interactive webpage. Muwahahahahaha!
  8. Thanks Red & Seerose! 1.5 million page views - I might put that on my CV
  9. Try this it's brand new (uploaded only minutes ago) http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/31998-raw-filetype/#entry428219
  10. I have to do a 1 hour presentation to a group of doctors. I'm told I have to use PowerPoint
  11. @Red: I was updating the Forum icons a few months ago when they suddenly stopped updating. I haven't revisited the problem since - looks like it's time to do so.
  12. I seem to recall that the forum also supports/supported profile pics which were separate from the avatar. That might be an obsolete "feature".
  13. This topic is more than eight years old MCMacMC. If you wish to restart a conversation that has been idle for more than three months please just start a new thread (unless it's a tutorial or plugin). Feel free to ask your question again in a new thread. Thanks and welcome to the forum
  14. Let's not confuse Avatars with profile pictures. You can have an Avatar, but not a profile pic. (I'm 99% sure this is still the case)
  15. I've never found a virus or malware posted on the paint.net forum. As the guy who maintains and publishes the Plugin Index I download every plugin. I think your software is misleading you. What are you using? Norton is famous for misreporting/scaremongering. If you have that I strongly suggest you remove it and install something else.
  16. Yup. Some of the keys have changed. For example, try pressing Enter instead of ESC to cancel a selection.
  17. July Update Three new plugins this month MultiSpline - @Red ochre. Renders a series of closly spaced 'splines' (a spline is a smooth curve through points). Uses either random displacement or the source layer as it's base. Large number of options to customize the effect. Texture Shader - @MJW. Uses the current layer as a height map to texture an image held in the clipboard. The clipboard image will appear to have shading and displacement applied as defined by the black and white height map. For 3.5.11 compatible version see post #20. TR's Croquis - @TechnoRobbo. A French word, croquis means
  18. I made this (quickly) as a proof of concept. I think that using transparent backgrounds for the word images (not white as a in my demo) would yield even better results.
  19. Nothing immediately springs to mind to do this easily. One possible option is to make up a number of individual images of the words, then use this plugin Mosaic Maniac to tile the images into a shaped selection.
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