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  1. I have a question on how to create a black background that will surround my image. Thanks!
  2. i have a similar question. I need to take my image and leave the height at standard landscape of 8.5 but need to increase the width over multiple pages....sort of like a 3-5 page banner. I don't see a scaling option when my printer dialogue pops up so hoping I can do it in the program.
  3. Is there a plugin that will render a grid pattern such as checkerboard or just vertical lines? I found the hexagonal one but are there other ones? Thanks!
  4. Hi! I'm trying to use Paint > net for Book Folding patterns. I'm not sure how you get the images after pixel counter 2 to open into a spread sheet.I don't have a spreadsheet program. but do I need to get one. I've been doing the measuring by myself...which as you know takes forever. Thankyou in advance


  5. For book folding just remember when changing your starting page number to keep the sequence the same.......increments of two....i.e.: 5,7,9,etc. sometimes we will have page numbers duplicated because there may be many folds per page....as in the example in post #55.
  6. So so I select magic wand and then hold the shift key and click on one of the colors each layer....am I understanding step 1 correctly? I understand step 2 and 3 but maybe not step so much...lol. It's the shift modifier that I have no idea what it means....sorry
  7. Is there a way to separate posterized colors of an image into separate layers.....each color on its own layer. I would like to do this and then run the pixelcounter plugin for each layer and also print off each layer to make a layered stencil or papercut. Thanks!
  8. serramagk .....I'm not well versed in excel but I think you can click on the column heading of the page numbers to renumber them. We have a few Facebook groups of book folding where others who know more can help. One is Bookfolding Craft Cafe and the other is mine Book Folding USA.
  9. Look in the post above yours....click on the link and there you will find the pixelcounter2.zip file you need. Once downloaded you will need to extract the files which will give you the dll file. This needs to be dragged into the effects folder writhing the paintnet folder.
  10. I am needing to convert a photo to a vector image so it is like a stencil. Currently I have been changing the photo to black and white and then using the ink sketch but am curious if there is a plugin or another better method. Also if there is a tool like mask in order to quickly remove the background. Currently I've just been using the paintbrush and removing the back ground with that. Thanks!
  11. I've saved your picture and will work with it this afternoon. The picelcountet2 does not require the lines as it is intended to be a cut pattern with many measurements. If you want a regular pattern with one fold per page then you must either add white lines yourself by removing pixels or select a white graph line pattern over the image.
  12. can someone help me to remove a couple of thumbnails from my post? I shared them for help in getting a plugin and need to remove them now. Thanks!
  13. I made the request for the awesome pixelcounter2. It has been a huge hit with our book folding groups on Facebook. Here is the result of a pattern generated with the plugin.
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