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  1. This is actually intentional. It's hard to determine when the user wants the aspect ratio to be "locked" -- both at design and at implementation (coding) time. So, Paint.NET uses the aspect ratio from the last time the selection was edited using a selection tool, excluding Move Selection.
  2. Although, for the record, there has NEVER been a version of Paint.NET that worked on anything older than Windows 2000 -- and that means Windows ME.
  3. Ok so you just posted a tutorial in the General Discussion section. Or, what am I missing here ... ?
  4. You just want to use similar forum section names ("General Discussion", "Troubleshooting & Bug Reports", etc.) ? Sounds fine to me. As for the rules, take whatever you'd like. It's common practice to see what other forums use for rules and to copy + adapt them to suit your own needs. No need for attribution.
  5. Please read the rules (they are not optional), and post pictures in the Pictorium. Thread Closed
  6. There is no Turkish forum. This is not the place to ask questions in Turkish. Thread Closed
  7. This has historically always been caused by ATI HydraVision. Uninstall or disable that, and things go back to normal.
  8. Adding tabs won't make the UI easier. You should focus on a few things, instead of requiring the user to figure out every possible input to your functions. Make the UI fun, not complicated. Just because flexibility is possible doesn't mean it's what anybody wants.
  9. Probably. It's not a high priority. The source code is provided as-is.
  10. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  11. Not reading the rules is not an excuse to break them. Don't be ridiculous. At the top of the forum it says, "FORUM RULES" in very visible red text. We are not puppies.
  12. This isn't really something you can do with an image by itself.
  13. I never said anything about this feature w.r.t. version 4.0... :?:
  14. See, that's exactly the type of pointless dialogue that The Rules are designed to eliminate. :shock:
  15. You generally shouldn't access the token during OnRender(). You should copy data from it in OnSetRenderInfo() in to local fields that are thread-safe. Then, access those fields from OnRender(). BoltBait or Madjik should have plenty of examples on how to properly structure things.
  16. I say target whichever version you want to use features from. .NET is free. Paint.NET 4.0 will require .NET 3.5.
  17. Ok? But how's this related to Paint.NET ... ?
  18. Anyway I don't want to leave this thread open, as it will just continue to fester comments that are mostly incorrect with regards to copyrights, licenses, legalities, etc. Please, just go back to using and enjoying your Paint.NET version 3.22 ... rest assured, I'm attempting to find an amiable way to figure this out with Issendis. Let me worry about this stuff. Thread Closed
  19. They asked if they could distribute Paint.NET with their OfficeONE pack. I said that was fine. The problem is not the distribution in general, but that they are distributing a VERY old version.
  20. I actually gave them permission to do this about 2 years ago -- it was completely within the license rights. However, they are still distributing version 2.72 and I recently asked them to cease doing this. I still get crash logs for "OFFICE One v7 - Paint.NET v2.72". It's rather obnoxious.
  21. What about the crashing? Oh and if you ever have to ask, "Should I buy more RAM?" just save yourself the trouble and tape record yourself saying "Yes" in advance. Then, ask the question to the mirror, then hit play on the tape recorder. Seriously, I've got 8GB in this box and it is finally enough. (for now)
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