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  1. The image above is 4032x3024 (Ratio 4:3). The Selection is 1920x1080 (Ratio 16:9). At this point, when I Shift+drag a corner of the selection box, It changes to the original ratio of the image. I'd like a way to keep the ratio I have selected. Also, It would be nice if the was a Ratio display in the Status bar. Thank you for your consideration,
  2. One person doesn't matter. It take the majority to rule
  3. I don't understand why we are told to "work around" the limitations of the software. I need a keyboard command to work rotation. So, here's a work around if your car doesn't run. Push it down a hill and hop in! Would we do that? Is it really so complicated to add useful features? So , and . are already in use. Does that mean the idea gets abandoned? How about ; and ' ? I can understand how my previous idea may get scrubbed, it would require a lot of redesign. I just don't understand this mentality.
  4. And that's still... not drawing a circle from the center. But thanks for the option.
  5. It's been 14 years... And we still can't draw a circle from the center???
  6. I don't see a suggestions thread, is there one? Anyway... Suggestion #1: Make a Keyboard shortcut "," and "." for rotating a selection by 5º increments. 1º if holding Shift (smooth), 10 º if holding Alt(average) and 15º if holding Crtl (course). I know I can rotate a selection of pixels by moving the mouse to a certain point and then clicking and dragging. In 15º increments if I hold the shift key. But since I'm using the mouse to keep track of a reference point, I need these keyboard shortcuts. And I love the angle display, nice touch! Suggestion #1: Ellipse Selection. Need the shortcut "Ctrl + Shift" which keeps the selection in a circle AND centered on the pixel where the mouse button went down. Thanks for your consideration,
  7. I'm sure it's a pain, but being able to change an action's keyboard shortcut would be VERY useful! Not just for me, but others who may find it backwards the when adding/subtracking a selection, ALT does not ADD. With my Music Design Software, ALT adds notes, ALT+SHFT adds sharp notes, ALT+CTRL adds chords. The long story... I have a Logitech Heavy Equipment Side Panel. I've written a program to translate the button presses to key presses. But, I'm having a issue with the PageUp and PageDown keys. My software can't send the correct keystokes so that I may use the Scroll Left & Right feature. And yes, I can hear you saying "You want us to reprogram our software because you can't program yours?", well... embarrassingly guilty, yes. Thank you for your time and consideration
  8. Thanks Pixey, I have my own website. I just needed to figure out the procedure to keep myself out of trouble. For anyone else hosting their own images... 1. Create another image as a thumbnail. 2. Upload both to your host. 3. In the forum Post Editor, use the option in the lower right corner (Link from URL). 4. Provide the link to the thumbnail. 5. Click the image and then click the link button. 6. Provide the link to the larger image.
  9. I'm not finding the method to do that. Is that built into the forum? I'm finding two thumbnail options for other hosts. I can't even edit the "code".
  10. I read the guideline and the image is now up on my website.
  11. My first professional photo touch up (Before and After)
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