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  1. @toe_head2001 @ANONYMISS I think the reason it crashed is because it's supposed to store the file in C:\Users\name\Documents\paint.net User Files\Palettes\ which i thought was made by default. Also @Ladybug thanks for checking it out, it means a lot! The main reason i made this was for characters/item sprites, not really for landscapes, and yes, i will change it so the user can choose a name for the file before it saves it. Here's the source code: MakePalette.zip
  2. VERSION: Only checked for paint.net version 4.2.15. Adjustments > Make Palette(.dll) As the name suggests, from the current selection the plugin/adjustment will make an "UntitledPalette.txt" file in your \Documents\paint.net User Files\Palettes with each color taken only once. It also displays how many unique colors are in the palette. MakePalette.zip
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