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  1. thanks to all for your kind efforts. things are much clearer to me now. as i have been helped that much already, would it be impolite of me to ask you if you maybe could describe the difference between AA's Assistant and Basic Antialias? i downloaded them both and still cannot figure it out, when one is preferable to the other. the text provided to AA's Assistant still is a bit like chinese to me: "this is plugin to soften the edges and to adjust alpha. - ? you can use it to soften the edges. - okit is more effective when you use it after basic antialias. -
  2. addendum: the smoothness was what i was looking for, not the jagged edges.
  3. yes indeed, that what i ment were both plugins. as i am new here, i really do appreciate your answers. what i did (and do) not understand was following: "alias is designed to destroy antialiasing before running the amazing plugin, feather." feather i now know what it is, but the part above is a mystery to me. the pictures were a great help to understand some basics. it could be not more simple, yet not more clear to understand. thanks.
  4. hello, are alias and basic antialias the same feature? and if yes, which one should i use? thanks, john.
  5. hello, thank you for responding and taking intrest in beginners questios and issues. what i meant is (not good in english, not good with computer and new to paint.net), when i hoover over a plug-in, a pop-up balloon (or is it balloon tip) with lots of information which often gets in the way (plugin - author - copyright - http and also location). firstly as i am trying different things out as to what they can do, these square things keep popping up one after another as soon as i hoover over the "button" (for instance curves+...) . as i have a particular health issue
  6. hello, i am new here and do have a question. i installed paint.net, but each time i want to change something in the picture, a balloon info or pop-up appears which is rather annoying as it sometimes even covers the button i would like to activate. it shows plugin, author, copyright and more things. is it possible to deactivate these info balloons? i have windows 10 and all of the balloon tips are deactivated, so i guess it must be within the paint.net program. thank you for a response and i hope i have choosen the right place to post this question. kind regar
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