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  1. This plugin can be used to render Julia set fractals using a variety of settings. Adding color options would have made the UI too big, but it can be achieved using my Duotone Gradient Mapping plugin. I hope you enjoy this one! Download: Advanced Julia Fractal.zip Can be found in Effects > Render > Advanced Julia Fractal Previews: Code: (Made in a few hours, so there is probably a lot to improve) // Name: Advanced Julia Fractal // Submenu: Render // Author: Pascal // Title: Advanced Julia Fractal // Version: 1.0.0 // Desc: /
  2. No need, for some reason it works now that I tried again. Very weird.
  3. Yes, I know that. I can edit my post, but I can’t save the edit.
  4. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I want to edit my post of a plugin I made. I made an improved version and want to edit the original post. The ‘Edit Topic’ just doesn’t do anything for some reason, does anyone know why?
  5. Back with my second plugin. This time I made a plugin that can be used to easily and quickly create a gradient mapping effect using 2 colors. I know pyrochild already made a gradient mapping tool, but this is just a simplified version using only 2 colors for dark and light tones. I added some options for post processing as well, like contrast and blending mode. Download: DuotoneGradientMap.zip Preview: Code: (I’m still a beginner in C#, please don’t hurt me) // Name: Duotone Gradient Map // Submenu: Color // Author: Pascal // Title: Duotone Gradien
  6. New version available! This plugin can be used to simulate certain colorblindness types such as: protanopia, protanomaly, deuteranopia, deuteranomaly, tritanopia, tritanomaly, achromatopsia and achromatomaly. Download: Colorblindness4.zip Can be found in Effects > Color > Colorblindness Preview: Code: // Name: Colorblindness // Submenu: Color // Author: Pascal // Title: Colorblindness // Version: 4.0.0 // Desc: // Keywords: // URL: // Help: #region UICode ListBoxControl<Btype> btype = 0; //Color blindness type|Protanopia #endr
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