TechnoRobbo's Plugin Pak (June 3rd,2015)

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TechnoRobbo    1,149

Thanks Eli but my bad.


Let's be serious with 76 plugins by the time you scroll to the bottom it's bedtime.


I've added a link at the very top for those computers without 96 Mb download and SSD drives.

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AndrewDavid    260


Just a note to say thank you for another Pack of awesome plug-ins. Amazing this thread has been inactive for this long. Your TRCutter was my first bookmark in the new PlugInBrowser (check version in your pack - I believe it might be older). So many PlugIns - So many new things to discover and learn. B)



Edited by AndrewDavid
Learning how to include signature pic - added comment about older version of Browser

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