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  1. So I created a texture, using the fill plugin > fill from clipboard made a mesh on a separate page, then copied that mesh and used paste warp on a selection, some adjustments were required, but at the end I think it works very well for segments of clothing. (In an earlier unrelated post I said something about puppet warp, this isn't what I was working on at the time, that was something unrelated and I had to draw the whole thing from scratch).
  2. @Red ochre You could've just shortened that tut to >Grid warp >change interface colors >from clipboard I was warping "blind" since then, but I came to gripe about something else; There's no puppet warp, I think Paste warp+ *might* work, It's pretty cool (I'm not just saying that), but I don't know if it'll do what I need it to do.
  3. Nevermind, sorry, I figured out how to make do. Thanks for all the plugins!
  4. Grid warp can't be used in real time, you can't observe layers under for reference of something. without reference one has to either go back and forth or just won't be able to warp anything meaningful. if grid warp functioned like 'DistortThis!' it would be far more useful.
  5. Not sure if this has been posted before or not, but there's a trick I use to turn the paint brush into an eraser. 1. Set Blending mode to overwrite 2. Set color opacity to zero The brush will now act as an eraser, this is useful for when you're drawing with a tablet, I set my first key to "x" which allows me to immediately switch to the second color, which would be an eraser brush. With a mouse it's even easier, just right click.
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