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  1. Hello Everyone, I am hoping you can all help recommend an Inkjet printer for scanning and printing out 1/32 Decal sets like the one below? Note the set below is in 1/48 and was pulled off the net as an example. Cheers!
  2. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if you could please assist me in changing the color of this red velvet sample to navy blue/black without distorting the photo itself. I want to create a navy blue/black velvet sample of same quality for a project I am working on. Cheers to All!
  3. Hello everyone, Could anyone please suggest on how to make this picture appear at it best. I tried the flatten keys and noting happened, I am looking to flatten/straighten out this awesome photo. I would also like to make the photo appear more vibrant. Cheers Mates!
  4. Hello,' Is there a portable release of 4.2.15 final? I saw a Russian version on a Russian site, but need an English version. I also read that Paint.net was doing away with portable versions, if so why??? There is way to many people who rely on an portable version of paint.net Cheers!
  5. TR, you rock it dude! Cheers Mate! PS, can you possible suggest which one of your plugins would work best to get the most out of these photos, like enlarge, trace and colorize? Again Thanks Mate!
  6. Thanks Ardneh, Is there a tutorial/plug-in that allows you to copy/trace over a blurry image and than allows you to recreate a better image? a). To make bigger and b). To clean up and make another/better version? A. JFK B. Decal Cheers Mate!
  7. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if you could please assist me in designing my own decals from photos, as I am trying to create my own paper model decals from various photos of objects like an F-14 Tomcat; please see my attach photos. I am primarily interested in making decals for modern military hardware. I know there are a few extensions/plug-ins that help the artist/photographer clean up there desired photos, and some with amazing results. I guess what I am looking for is something that can design/convert a photo into a high quality decal that can than be resized from 1/4 - 1/720, etc.... I guess the way to go would be vector over raster due to it's vibrant and streamlined look, and since the 3D program I prefer (Sketchup Make 2017) is a vector program there shouldn't be any issues with importing new decals; so if you can please advise me on any extensions/tutorials, would be appreciated. Please take a look at my photos and let me know in which direction I should go. Thank you, so much to all of you! Cheers Mates!
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