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I'm Olav.

Welcome to my partly random selection of images made, by me, with Paint.NET.

I haven't got the time to comment the images right now, but maybe I'll write something later. And the images are not listed by quality or anything.

All thumbnails are clickable

Some random images:

th_coppkaffe-1.png th_burningmajestysymbol.png th_octavarium.png

th_metalkrusseldulls.png th_undervannsbilde.png th_winteriscoming.png

th_pinnsvin3.png th_helmetcross.png th_arcturusglass3d.png

Some buttons:

th_KnappZ.png th_ShieldbuttonBlue.png th_knapp2.png

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Hey olav.k.m I love your images!

(I remember the hedgehog and I told I could have killed to make one like that, it is cute, it is lovely it is fluffy - well it seems fluffy :D - i.m.o it should go straight into the gallery...) I've already told u about the dragon (cute and funny) it seems you got a blessed hand in drawing animals, go ahead I wanna see a complete zoo :lol: oh and I like a lot the fire and the landscape, so soft and silent (yeah, I could hear the sound of silence, there was no noise upthere :lol: )

Ciao ciao

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