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  1. It actually reminds me of the Half-Blood Prince, on the cover was an image of the Unbreakable Vow http://www.raincoast.com/harrypotter/images/hbp-backcover-large.jpg
  2. I like your version of the Octavarium cover. Might I suggest you add the 2 birds above the last 3 balls, just to keep along with the theme in the album of the Golden Ratio. But good to see another DT fan.
  3. I took your advice and told her, she seemed to be cool about it, we'll just have to see how it goes from here.
  4. Warning, the following post contains teenage relationships and alike Well on the topic of relationships, I've got this really close friend of mine that I've fallen for. We get along really well together and have a really strong friendship together, closer than her and her boyfriend even. And it is there where the problem lies, she's already got a boyfriend and they've been together for years now. I just don't know what to do about it, whether to tell her that I like her and see if anything happens and how she reacts to it or to just let it be and see how it all pans out without any help from me. Any ideas?
  5. You did a nice job on this one. I just have one question... What's her number? I think she might be a little out of your age group BoltBait, unless you really like 15 year olds
  6. Hi all Haven't been around here for a while thought I'd break my drought and post of few images I'd made while trying out janettsue's little effect those two were just vista sample pics that a friend sent me (I run xp so yeah) this was just a pic of my friend -SuperJemmy
  7. Just a suggestion, but the topic could be football overall. It would then work with the upcoming Super Bowl in America, soccer/football in Europe, the upcoming AFL season for the Australians and rugby for everyone. Like I said, just a suggestion, but how does that sound?
  8. Hello I'm SuperJemmy (Jeremy's my real name). I joined a few months ago and have been posting in the Pictorium occasionally. I've only been using Paint.Net for about as long as I've been a member of the forum. I was completely new to editing programs like Paint.Net when I started. I'm currently 15 and live in Melbourne, Australia.
  9. Looks great Wither, one thing that really stuck out for me was the fact that the it appears as though the house was built on a sheer cliff, or that's how it appeared to me. By the way, any ideas for a new hat for my character in my sig and av or maybe a completely new sig and av? And I'm still stuck on that plasma ball of mine, can't for the life of me figure out how to do the beams of plasma.
  10. @ spike yeah, I used 3d shape on the pole, I added to few effects to it (Engrave / Emboss, Brightness / Contrast and Glow) to try and get the look of a pole with rings around it (couldn't think of a better description). They didn't really work well with 3d shape though, but it was the best I could come up with.
  11. G'day all, I got a plasma ball for Christmas and I decided to try and recreate it in Paint.Net. So far I've got a basic image of it, but I'm stuck on how to make the pole in the center more 3D and my the ball look more spherical also making the lines that come out of the center pole. Example: http://www.urbanjunkie.co.uk/shopimages ... %20350.jpg and this is my image so far any hints/tips?
  12. Vegemite (disgusting brown filth it is (True Blue Aussie ain't I?)) And in response to earlier, yes Tasmanian devils do exist and live on the island of Tasmania notice S not Z in Tasmania , sorry if I'm a bit picky
  13. I made that one the first time a tried using a different gradient for this tut and I accidentally did something different with the curves, but I think it came out alright then if it wasn't the desired result and a sig I made for a friend of mine in a forum of his Thanks for a really good and easy to follow tutorial.
  14. Spent the last 2 days avoiding English homework and making this. This was my first attempt at recreation. Advice/criticism is willingly excepted.
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