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MadJik'All Art... Testing and creating 04/2018


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@ chrisco97 HELEN barbieq25

Thanks for the coms.

@ Possum Roadkill

These 3 images are mainly done in the same way, but I can't find the exact way after it's done.

1. Create a starting canevas : more or less complex gradients mix, or some lines, squares, circles

2. duplicate layer and test all blend mode to choose the best one.

3. Secret #1 (or #2) of Shape3D or any over distortion (tiles, kaleid, polar, blur, zoom, layer rotation with tile...)

4. repeat 2-3 till the final result pops up. (it may take some time...)

5. in some case like Vegetal Journey you could add some more effect like water reflection.

This is my version for a Steampunk:


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My favorite new abstract ! Lovely, simply lovely. I'm in awe. Please teach me how you did this.


I like everything you do, nice style. You always leave me thinking,my! how did he do that? ...


Here is an answer...(click) to do this abstract:


Edit: Add some recent stuff:

th_abstract51.jpg th_firingdragon.jpg

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Wow!!! This is amazing! You have a DA account? I'll definitely put you on my watchlist!

Gotta agree with Helen - just awesome! Very glassy the background. I like this for the texture very much. A great job you did.

Wow, really nice! I love the textures!

Thanks for the wows...

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Not really. You said you'd used Alpha Displacement =O

Oh, yes... sorry!

This is a like to dA image


and here to the dA post where you could download the 4000x3000 version.


100% PDN, I just took the time to find the correct settings with Shape3D, and also I (start to) learn more on realistic lighting/shadowing with this work. Of course I'm not so good at drawing a fish... Initialy I'm a programer!

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