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MadJik'All Art... Testing and creating 04/2018

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Nice additions @MadJik!  I really like the 'Heavy Door'...very medieval-looking.   <3   :D

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Tunnel of light


version 4000x3000 on my devianArt



no name (perhaps something about candy/melting)








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13 minutes ago, welshblue said:

you must all be as mad as him


I can't let you say that. I don't know your son!

No wonder because you first said:

13 minutes ago, welshblue said:

my son had such a good time in France


Back to happiness!





Detail from full size fantasea:


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Was joking too... Feel no trouble with this.


(still joking, Picasso mode activated)

Start a new image.

Put your son on the right side as blue pixel.

Put all of us on the left side as red filled square or circle.

Put me as a green spot somewhere behing you.

To me, nothing is comparable in this canvas.







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Wow!  'Fantasea' is great!  <3     It reminds me of some compositions of Jean-Luc Bozzoli.  Bravo!   :star::star::star:

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