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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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Ironfist, I love the third one xD

Hilarious (I have a weird sense of humour.. maybe we share a strange passion for stick man getting slaughtered. Oh how I used to dislike boring english lessons.. they are made a lot more enjoyable when you just draw the whole time.. wow this is a long message between two brackets (I love long messages (wow brackets within brackets)))

Sorry, I got bored. :oops:

If you're not into numbers, call me Chris!

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lol, could you imagin? your sonic comic, being printed and sold all over the world? the doe that would be coming into your house!!

like that was ever gonna happen xD oh well, did you like it (say the truth, i need constructive criticism ;))

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My new signature is made with my cell phone camera and paint.net

Nice sig. Just a suggestion, when you post a new sig you may want to put the image in your message as well, because when you change your sig again no one will know what this one looks like...


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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Nice sig.

Thanks. As simple as the picture looks, it was actually quite complicated to create.

I arranged all the dominoes on my desk and took the picture with my cell phone (I have a Razr, which is not bad).

Then I had to move the dominoes around. All of the dominoes that are standing on end had to be moved (along with their shadows). They were originally placed too far away from the "snake" and would not have been in the cropped picture.

Finally, it was resized down and text placed over the top. And, the text has a drop shadow (that you can't really see).

BTW, Gaussian Blur is the best thing since sliced bread.


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I don't have the PDN...

I saved it as png.....which is what the imageshack is hosted as....

If I have time, I will try to make another one.... and I will host the pdn on my site for you to Download...

Personally about the domnios, dont use it as jpeg...I can tell around the letters that it is jpeg...

PNG all the way!!!

Urm.......... I can show you some other stuff I have gotten off of Windows that I want to replicate on my own in paint.net..........But I like making fades....

Personally, the favorite fade ive made is this one..without the other layers..

Yes - Another Battlefield 2 Image.


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