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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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I am jealous.

Anyways, I am not one to copy ideas, but I saw someone made something like this a while back..

I personally feel I made the sun way too big.


haha it is png, sorry for the long load...

I made some cool spheres in Photoshop today.

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Well, actually RaveN, a good chunk of your pixels are black, which compresses nicely.

Also, I believe that was mine. It was also a somewhat stolen idea. :P

P.S. The moon looks like cheese

It is sized at 24 megabytes as my PSD.... I have one file that is I think 70 MB.

Yay for 1 GB flash drives.

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the only thing i absoultly hate about that image, is the fact that you can see the reflection THROUGH the robot...????
It is not a reflection. It is an echo.

BTW, less talk, more pics!

Here's one I did for another thread:


It's the little things that really make a good edit. :D

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