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  1. I have different methods for colouring and I'd love to help! (considering that digital colouring on Paint.NET is mainly the only reason I use it for lol) It's possible to colour it all on one layer (that's how I started) and then after you can start using more layers up to 40+ I'd say just make a new layer, change it's properties to multiply and then colour X D (I can explain it more thoroughly if you'd like.)
  2. Exactly. For digital colouring, if you're ever considering of using Paint.NET for this, layers are very helpful (even if you can do everything in nearly one layer). ^___^
  3. @BoltBait: Awesome work = ) I like the second one ^_^ X D Some of you may notice by now that I use Paint.NET mainly for digital colouring, aha~
  4. @Picc84: Thanks ^_^ @BoltBait: Yep, I'm 14. = ) It's awesome that I stumbled and found Paint.NET = D @jake2k: Great work, seriously! They look so sleek and clean = ) http://img246.imageshack.us/img246/4135 ... bk8xr5.jpg This layout I made a while back... 3 weeks maybe. I'm not done the coding yet (aha, I hardly work on it) but it'll be used for sure for one of my fansites~
  5. I used Paint.NET for a few things ^_^ Located at this link: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/39769273/ Click on image for larger view.
  6. @ManeZ: Very nice ^-^ The whole thing has a feel to it = D
  7. @Trickman: Thank you = ) --- @Ironfist: I do find them interesting though = D
  8. @barkbark00: Yeah ^^; Paint.NET is mostly the only thing I use for digital colouring X3 @wontstoptalkinga: At least you can do some stuff! (like ur PS3 cross-breed picture) Awesomeness! =D Um... I got another picture? ^-^ (lol, excuse me for the gruesomeness)
  9. @Trickman: Awesome work ^_^ @wontstoptalkina: XD Great idea (I nearly cracked up for a few seconds) Um... *throws picture at thread* The lines are meant to be a little rigid, I like them that way~
  10. *points at Leon (also known as Squall in FFVIII)* = <3 All of them looks nice ^^ (again)
  11. You can make them using the Retangle tool and setting the brush size to your desired thickness. The Rounded Rectangle also works too. By changing the colour's or colours' opacity it'll be either more opaque, translucent or transparent. Using different Fill styles will also help with uniqueness.
  12. @Illnab1024: I had that problem (the tangling) when I was kid and had slinkies XD Everytime I got one, that would happen, even with plastic ones ^^
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