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PNG's...aren't that great.

Sadly, a fair portion of america is still using 56kbps or lower.

And i think, that in this case, A gif would suffice fairly well, keeping about 9.6kb, and also not noising it.

EDIT: For a number of reasons.

For one, the image is small and does not contain that many unique colors. In addition, the difference in colors is so small, it is easy to dither without a noticeable change. And, there are sharp lines involved that a jpeg would noise around.


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Yeah GIF can produce amazing results...I don't care about size though hehe....

Either way, I don't know if this would work, but you could try making the letters in png and copying and pasting it to that one...then you might not get the blur.

I personally HATE that blur that Jpeg produces..

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anyone have a tut on clouds??? grrr i need cool looking clouds for my new sig iam makeing...

Make several layers of white circles. Change the opacity of each layer for a varied effect...


Image > Flatten

Effects > Blurs > Guassian Blur (~20-40)


I'm not sure how "cool" it looks, but, there ya go!

EDIT: For best results, you could just GIS some clouds and copy/paste... :wink:

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