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  1. Here's my attempts at making fire. First one is flames with water, the second one is just flames. (Hope I didn't violate any old thread bump rules)
  2. Here's my try at it: (2 of them) Red and Yellow Reactor: Rainbow Reactor:
  3. That flesh one reminded me of a horror movie. XD Here's mine:
  4. My attempts: $100 Poker Chip: Ace of Spades:
  5. Here's mine: If this was school, I think we would've gotten an "A" for attending class and paying attention. LOL XD (Just joking about this part, we need a laugh here and there )
  6. I resized it, I hope it's small enough By the way, mine looks... eh... yucky compared to the rest... I did everything and it didn't do it right for me... oh well, at least I tried
  7. Is this ok or is it too big? Should I Resize it or leave it be? Fixed: Resized to 600x600 as requested
  8. I have two that I made: I tried my best to follow the tut... did I pass? *smiles innocently* heh.. I love all these tuts on here... very creative. The first one reminds me of frost or something frozen.. The second one reminds me of a cloud with lightning underneath like a storm would.
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