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Image Umbrella: Abstract Images


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Do those abstracts seem worthy of a tutorial?

Because i was thinking of making one.

I think so maybe for the newbie section ? I would love to try it out , it has so much possibilities :P

Well here you go sokagirl.


Hope you like it :lol:

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McSteeze, your picture reminds me of a rose tutorial that was somewhere in the forums..

I think it was one of the first I tried out when I started here, I still like the outcome.. :)

7sh7sh, I really like the feel of your picture, though I strongly dislike the text. Remove it, and you have a very artistic image!

I finally did an abstract again!

Technical Orb


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Welcome back! It's great to see one of the greats here.

I just realised that my 3-year anniversary of joining the PDN forum has just passed - and that it has been virtually a year since I posted anything new.

The migration of the forum brought a flood of thread update emails and inspired me to dive back in and throw together some pieces.

It's good to be back!




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Good quality and very realistic wood pieces! I wonder how you do them?

The picture is implemented very well into the wood, but I find the head's outline a little too sharp.


In contrast to the wood's dark and soft surface, the light spots on her face looks a little bit aliased from long distance. Of course, this is a minor issue, overall I like that picture a lot - especially the big head, due to its not as transparent skin.

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