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Image Umbrella: Desktop Art

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Possum Roadkill: I like the creativity (personification)! The light outside though looks a little weird though because it's a different style than the faces and the planet textures, almost realistic, but a bit cartoony for the face, and totally realistic for the planet texture. The light is blurred. I would recommend making it less blurred.

Spm3: I don't think the waving lines match the form of the "grungy" font and the same type of background. And the top line reaches farther than the bottom (link) doesn't look right. Other than that, I like it.

I was going for a cartoon(-ish) look. I've had some other comments about the styles not matching, so I've decided to make some changes (eventually) to make the background more cartoon(-ish). I've just not had the time. The light around the moon(s) is just a glow to set them off the page a little and wasn't meant to look realistic. I doubt that I'll change that part because I like it. I do plan on changing the stars and maybe the red/yellow gradient in the background.

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I love the spaceship idea. Its great. Nicely done. I want to do it now :P Thats epic.


The orange feather is an inkscape feather thats been blurred. The rest of the feathers are editted versions of the first. 100% PDN otherwise.


100% PDN


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A lot of the sentences on there I can't read. And it's kind of plain (no offence). I would have to say though, the look of him is pretty cool.

Well first off, no offence taken ;)

I wanted the "highlighted" sentence to be like the "focus" (dont know any other way to say it lol) and the other ones are more for "looking good"

And yea i know it's quite plain :P (finding it hard to make backgrounds which doesent :P)

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Looks good everybody! might as well toss my stuff up here as well. feel free to critique. and if you want them as your backgrounds, its cool. just give me some credit.


Kinda funky, with the purple color


I don't even know what to call this


Can you tell that i really like fractal patterns...?


...Because this proves that i really do! But most of this is just the result of boredom on weekends. for people who like simple, yet sweet backgrounds. enjoy!

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