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Image Umbrella: Desktop Art

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@Heat Stroke: Your pic is awesome, it gives a real sense of depth. I really liked it.

I also would like to show off some sick skills, but I don't have any, so I'll just post this nice pic that is in my background right now:

(Heh, that's the idea of this topic afterall, isn't it?)


/*click image to full size*/

Got her pic on the web, removed people from the BG, wrote her name, then seismography->weave->median filter. I think this is a good example of how powerfull pdn is, because even though I loved the outcome, the process to achieve it was pretty simple and easy!

The left side was left free for the "iconry".

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@ Aguba, another very nice one. You have a marvelous way with text. Maybe sometime you could share some of your techniques in a tutorial?

I made some Colts Wallpapers for the Super Bowl last week and am just getting around to posting them. If you like them, feel free to download one and use it as a wallpaper. I know most of you are "real" football fans as opposed to American football, but it's a fun little game we like to play. It might even be on TV this year. :lol: There is a third one in my gallery if you'd like one that is not for widescreen monitors. :D

th_ColtsWallpaper2.png th_ColtsWallpaper1A.png

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@aguba: Always awesome. A nice use of gradients for the text and background. And, simple isn't always bad.

@Possum: Too bad that they didn't win, though. Still, a nice wallpaper.

@Pipp92: very interesting. I like how clean they both look. The top image is my favorite of the two; something about golden rays wafting around gives it a good feel. Very nice.

This piece was inspired by aguba, specifically his signature. Enjoy:


The script reads "Shalom," meaning "peace."

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@ Nathan, very nice! I really like the colors and the 3D effect is great.

These are a wallpapers I did for Valentines Day. The first one I made for my wife and I wrote the poem in it. The second one I made for the ladies in my office. The other two I made for my sisters and some friends on my forum. Happy Valentines Day !

th_ValentinesWallpaper4.png th_ValentinesWallpaper2.png th_ValentinesWallpaper1.png th_ValentinesWallpaper3.png

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@ Shmelly, very nice ! A little critique if you don't mind? You need to feather the planet to rid yourself of the jaggies. I would also get the alias plugin and run it prior to using the feather plugin. Your piece could also benefit from some larger stars. Check out the custom brush's mini plugin. Someone posted a really nice star brush that I use all the time. Still all in all, a very nice piece of work.

@ Kemaru That is a top notch piece. Very very nice wallpaper. I like the colors and the composition.

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Thanks guys ! Yes it was a lot of work, but really all in fun to see what it turned out to be.

@ WB Sweet ! Very smooth and professional looking.

@ Barbieq, WOW I love your new avy and sig ! SWEEEEEEET ! It's the best ! :blink:

This is my latest piece. It's the companion to Mister Sunshine wallpaper I did a while back. This is Mr. and Mrs. Moon in....

A Kiss Goodnight


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My first desktop background. Normally, I make signatures and one day I was bored and didn't feel like working in a confined space, so I made this! Please critique it! :mrgreen:


Feel free to use it if you like it enough.


I've made a new background! Now, I now it goes against "protocol" to use anything other than Paint.NET, but they were used like renders and I didn't use them to make anything. The background is of two Magic: The Gathering TCG cards. From left to right: Akroma, the Angel of Wrath and Lord of the Pit. If you are familiar with the cards, you should know that they were the stars of the Divine Vs. Demonic set that was released quite awhile ago. Anyway, here is the background (once again, feel free to use it).


Edited by Spm3
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Possum Roadkill: I like the creativity (personification)! The light outside though looks a little weird though because it's a different style than the faces and the planet textures, almost realistic, but a bit cartoony for the face, and totally realistic for the planet texture. The light is blurred. I would recommend making it less blurred.

Spm3: I don't think the waving lines match the form of the "grungy" font and the same type of background. And the top line reaches farther than the bottom (link) doesn't look right. Other than that, I like it.

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