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  1. @PhantomLegioner For your first attempt, you've hit some necessary elements when making a signature. Good color combination, stock and text placement, and effects. I'd suggest you work on making your work "flow" more, as in making your effects to work towards a single physical direction. Also, blending your focus with the background is key, to make them become one, rather than the appearance of an image on a background. Would appreciate feedback on this signature I made a few days ago. My main technique is smudging. Stock: http://imageftw.com/uploads/20110326/FileLitwickBWPromo9.jpg
  2. I guess this would be considered realistic.
  3. http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/6394/awesomesun.png Tileable pattern, can be resized for more sunshiny goodness.
  4. Ever since 3.5 and 3.5.1, I've been having trouble with text quality. When ever I go to make the text, it's all :AntiAliasingOff: at the thick edges, like the opacity is to high in some places. I'd really like to know how to fix this.
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