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  1. I just had to bump this, we can't let this thread die. M16A weapon shadow brush (For you war luvers)
  2. CoD4? Tom Clancy? I'm not trying to associate it with games, the novels are about real life, life in the army, its supposed to be a novel series. Here's a bit cut from 'Sarge!' Things happen Sarge, just put it all behind ya..." "Behind me?! I got demoted because everyone of the Squadmates I'd been paired up has died!" "They said they were demoting me because I was too, 'self centered!'" "Listen man... Things happen, you can't just..." "Just can't what?" Our voices were drowned out by the trucks's loud engine. Can't believe it... Got demoted because everybody kept dyin'. Everybody's gotta die.
  3. Something I made for a small novel series I'm writing, no stock images .
  4. Nice brushes, maybe you could post a quick tutorial on how you made them ?
  5. Probably not the best thing in the pictorium, but, here it goes.
  6. Hehehehe... Not a lot of us are gonna put your Cat in our pictures, no offense
  7. I'm totally being OCD today, but I think those are Mandelbrots Oh, my mistake. It took me some time to make them not look, "One ended" I didn't want to use gaussian blur again, since I use that for everything :?
  8. Might kind of old now, but, I made these in my spare time. Have fun with 'em. You'll have to color them in yourself, sorry. I did some of them with the "Julia" Fractal renderer. Making these are pretty easy, draw a basic circle, use the pencil tool and make it have "Sharp" sides, don't make it perfectly though, they won't be noticed, then, do Gaussian blur, and you're done. I'm so sorry they look so ugly enlarged Just use them at size 15-10 and it won't be noticed. EG:
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