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  1. Great stuff man, I hope you still remember me I just dropped by. I would love to use you're audio jungle wallpapers, and make some sigs with them. Like basically stocks. But only with you're permission.
  2. drop by, even though i got ps now I still like ya guys... 4/10
  3. it is fine.. and BTW all work in my gallery is 100% PDN I only got CS3 3 weeks ago when i posted because my friends recomenmed it. I have not lied and my only PS works are in this PB: http://s196.photobucket.com/albums/aa36/Champjev/ i was just good at making sigs and people got jealous and my ego took over and 7/10 nice clean but no wow factor
  4. 7/10 I have PS CS3 or got it and I thought I would drop-by.. even though people think I am a cheat......
  5. anyways Im done with p.net it got to crappy.. just got PS CS3!
  6. again nice effects and very clear 8/10 new sig new style rate this:
  7. Thanks but stick with you're own style plus I only share my brushes with people in my GFX group sorry.
  8. Thanks! I dislike the text but nice concept 5/10 2 more: I made like 6 sigs today! I am going crazy!
  9. Hey nice work; more advice, use different canvas sizes and become more creative and work with colours most of you're stuff is montone. Also work on depth! And get a clear focal!
  10. Ah, another sig-maker! Work on depth, balancing effects, lighting and use you're resources! Keep on practicing and you will become a great sig-maker as many others! Also know this a sig doesnt have to be concealed inside a rectangle or square expand you're canvas! Ever need advice I am here!
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