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This is awesome, MadJik. I don't think you'd need to ever antialias, if you use a transparent color as secondary and feathered the layer...

Only thing it's missing is the ability to offset the rows...but that's just me being greedy. I can use the Checkerboard for that.

High five, MadJik! This is going to be used a LOT, I'm sure.


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Extra plugin

(as I think it's linked to the grid PI, I don't create a new topic for it!).

Grid Helper XYCoords:

I made this plugin to help me to understand the transformation done by other distort effects (or Shape3D, and what did Ash with the tut of the dice).

It creates a grid with the text giving the position of the cell in this grid with X,Y coords. It wont create the grid lines, only text...


Edited by MadJik
added link to XYCoords
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You want to "Save File As..." and you're going to save it in the Effects folder. Usually, this is at C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/Effects. Once you save it in that folder, close Paint.NET and then open it again to see the file.

Does this help?

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*finally goes into plugin section*

*skims topics to see if pyro published another plugin*

*finds an updated grid maker plugin*


*tips hat and says "Thank!"*

*leaves plugin forum and won't return for another month*

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