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  1. hrm.. interesting idea.. catch is sig size on this board is (if i recall correctly) 150x500. i'll have to resize to do that. unless that last piece were sitting on top of the others.. i could just have one piece missing as well
  2. Finally, a sig i really like. in fact it's also going to be the header of the website i'm working on. completly PDN, and done with one hand (as my right hand is in a splint. and yes, i'm right handed)
  3. thought this was the off topic thread.. oh.. sorry, this is off topic forum, not thread.. my bad
  4. Goto google.com, in the search box, type "French military victories" (without the quotes) and click the "I'm feeling lucky" button..
  5. Good idea. I changed the title to History Marker instead of Clear History. This is probably closer to the effect i'm looking for than clearing is. There are also times when I wish i could undo mistakes in history that pre-date other operations that I really like and am not sure I could re-create easily. However, I know that would be a headache to try to program, so this idea will have to remain a wish. having markers though would still be very good to have.
  6. ok.. I appreciate the reply. and I'll survive without it then. Again, I have the option of closing and re-opening the image as needed to clear it. The main reason I like clearing.. well.. one example is.. Let's say i'm using a pencil on one layer.. after many drawings and erasing mistakes i finally get that layer just the way I want it. I then switch to another layer and start on a new part.. after many pencils.. i decide to cut back a good ways and re-do that second layer. So i scroll up a ways, click on a paticular pencil in the history, and undo a huge bunch. then start drawing again, only to find out later that I also undid a bunch of my previous layer. I went too far. So perhaps instead of actually clearing the history, if it just condensed it all down to one line reading [History cleared] which itself could be undone.. that would be nice too. Basically it would act like a bookmark in the history. As is.. I'll just do the closing/re-opening trick. Thanks.
  7. There are times, especially after following a rather complex set of operations to create an effect.. After doing and in many cases re-doing to get what you want, when you're finally satisfied, you save the image to not lose you're hard work, and then set off to do the next step on a new layer. (The preceeding paragraph is my third attempt, and is still very badly written. I can only hope the point is illustrated.) Well, after saving.. to help clear up the History window, I usually have to close and re-open the image. It would be nice if somewhere on the History window there was a button (and possibly a corrosponding keyboard shortcut) to clear that history. What this does is make that history window much easier to manage. The steps you take from this point forward can be undone all the way if you like, but won't go back past the point where you cleared the history. You can, if you so choose to. add a line when clearing called [History Cleared], which itself could be undone if one chooses to. This would have the effect of condensing all of the history up to that point into one line, so that finding that point would be as simple as scrolling to the top of the history window. But that's only an option if you feel it should be in there. *note* it's early, and I have only been up for 30 minutes. This is why my post here is not very clear. I'll try to re-write it in a while to get my point across in a much more clear fashion.
  8. Bah.. now it's doing it again.. argh!! ok.. let me show.. Getting screenshot You can see how the one rotated 180 degree's went nice and sharp.. while the one rotated only -90 degrees went way out of focus. It used to be sharp as well.
  9. It was working the other night, now.. suddenly.. When i rotate the layer by 90 degree's, instead of a nice crisp clean layer, i get something that looks like i've glausian blurred it. I don't have any idea what's changed. I havn't downloaded any new plugins since it was last working, nor updated the software (it's currently 3.10). I've not made any other changes to the computer. Before it would rotate the layer.. now.. Let me get a screenshot of what i mean. ... Ok.. scratch that.. now suddenly it's working again.. I replicated the problem all morning long, and now when I need it, i can't. There is a bug in there somewhere, not easily reproducable i guess. Consider this just a report.
  10. My first thought, is adding nubs should be similar to how it's done in Curves. Simply hold shift, or whatever, and wherever you click, a new nub appears. (if clicked on the line that is). Right click on a nub while holding shift and the nub dissapears. Very simplistic i nature and intuitive to a feature we already use.
  11. the Gimp is also free, and much more powerfull. But at the cost of a much steeper learning curve. PDN provides powerfull functionality (well, more powerfull than MS Paint, that's for sure) with an intuitive easy to learn interface. You don't have to have a college degree to make some very nice graphic artwork with PDN.
  12. hrm.. Do icons and cursors support full apha-transparancy (as in 256 alpha levels)? Or is it an all on/off transparency? The plugin located here.
  13. Fine. Truley a masterpiece. I bow down before you, Sir Paint Boy. :wink: We have another Michaelangelo in our midsts..
  14. Ash says: Do it, do it now!! Yeah, I may eventually...I usually take a long time to decide anything, but when I do, I'm committed 100%. (i.e. PDN) Same here.
  15. The only problem I would have with that, is I havn't got everybody memorized, and wouldn't know for the most part who is new and who isn't. Ok. yea, i could check the joined date.. but I almost never look at that. I almost never look at the post date either.. unless i searched for a topic.
  16. If you have the plugin installed, .cur, .ico, and .ani should all be there in teh drop down box. for cusrors, .cur for icons, .ico for animated cursors, .ani for animated icons, (yea, i wish...)
  17. I think, if i'm reading this correctly, if you have the correct plugin, then yes, It'll ask for the hotspot. I've never used PDN for cursors or icons, yet. I used to have a program for doing that. havn't had it in a long while. Used to have a mouse cursor that looked like a tiny mouse. Was pretty neat. Would love to re-create it sometime.
  18. But then, that's what it really comes down to. Rick is the Admin, and if we agree or disagree with how he's running the pictorium or the forum as a whole, it's his forum. His decision. What he says is final. I just didn't know he had made any statement like that till now. I can and will argue that the same reasons we have a pictorium thread applies to a pictorium forum, with the added benifits that the forum offers. But ultimately it's his decision. One is left with two alternatives. do as the admin say, or start one's own forum. Some people have done both. And now that I know about the pdn fan forum, I'll be going there as well as here. As for DA.. i'm still looking it over and trying to decide if it's worth my time. I generally am very slow to download programs or sign up for new accounts. I tend to research everything and mull it over for weeks at a time before doing either. I was checking out Paint.Net on the website and on any searchable google site that gave praise or criticism to it, for a month before I finally downloaded it. It took me even another week before signing up for the account here. (which I still havn't given it the honor of a place on my Favorites menu, yet. I'm still calling this forum up from the history.) But I may decide to try out DA.. i'll give it a good going over first.
  19. Bingo.. that's what i needed to know.. I was already doing the moving as the first two links indicate.. what I needed was that mirroring effect as the third link shows. Thanks, I greatly appreciate it.
  20. Thanks.. greatly appreciate it.. however.. if you would be so kind as to let me know how you accomplished it, so that I could use the technique in the future, I'd appreciate it. I couldn't get anything to blend together at all. and of course i am jealous. You managed to do in mere minutes what I spent the better part of a full day trying to accomplish.
  21. I've been at this for hours, trying every trick in the book.. fading transparancy from layer to layer, trying to get anything to blend in. All I want is a 300x300 square of clouds (using 0,0,0 for primary, and 64,64,64 for secondary). but have it tilable for a web site, with no seams. No matter what i do, I get seams (though not at the edges) After making the basic square with the clouds, and swapping the four corners, I end up with seams in the middle. I've tried to make new cloud layers above it, in various shapes and tried using transparancy gradients.. yet nothing is working. Anyone know a better way to do this?
  22. I'm sure others here would have different idea's. probably better.. However, what I would do is use the color picker to choose nearby colors that are ok, and a pencil or brush to paint over the blemish. From what I understand the clone (?) tool works better for this, but I havn't used it so couldn't tell you how it works or what the results would be.
  23. using Deviant Art site is good idea, though is sort of an argument towards eliminating the current Pictorium thread as well. Add to that, that the images I'd like opinions on, i'm looking for fellow PDN users. DA would encompass everybody from PSP, PhotoShop, Gimp, MSPaint, and others I couldn't even dream of. It might even ignite some wars between different sets of program users. If Rick said no, then that is his perogative. (I was going to say end of discussion but as you can see here, the discussion continues. :shock: ) Usually the best way to handle a situation where you don't agree with the owner of a forum or website is to create your own forum or website. Which obviously someone has done. While I will continue to use this forum, i will be giving the other a good look over as well. Thanks for the replies.
  24. The pictorium sticked above is nice. It's a good place to show off work and gain praise for it. However i find there are some problems with it. The first is that it is now 459 pages long (as of the time of this posting). Secondly, when someone asks for opinions or ways to improve an image.. or even wanting to ask which image is better, a lot of t hese requests go ignored, simply because someone else posted their work afterward, and everyone is replying to it instead. Thirdly, since it's an ongoing thread, no one can start polls (for figguring out which of a series of images is better). I suggest that a new forum be added, under tutorials, General discussion, and overflow, called Pictorium. Then people can post t heir images as new threads, get praise, ask questions, and even setup polls. And any replies to a paticular thread is grouped with that thread specifically. Also, when I see a reply, i often have to go back several pages to find the image they are replying to. With a new forum, one simply has to click page 1. It also helps to figgure out if the new post you see highlighted is to your post or to someone else's. Does this sound do-able?
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