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  1. Yes, it's a huge improvement! Thanks BoltBait.
  2. The colours of the picture are wrong when loading a tga file with palette. Example picture here: link. It should be blue, not orange.
  3. Works perfectly on my dual core, thanks
  4. Try the sparkle/glitter plugins available here [link]. Then make a white dot on a black background and apply the sparkle effect on it.
  5. Well, there's one thing better on this one. It respects your brush colour. The lines are always black with your plugin. EDIT: ...
  6. Very cool plugin! This will help a lot with starfields. The only bad thing is, as you said, the slow rendering with large pictures.
  7. Incredible! How on earth (or maybe off, in this case) did you take that picture!? :shock: I second that! That's first rate! :o I was flying, and luckily I had my camera ready, so I was like "Hey, cool clouds. Why don't I take a picture". Thanks for the comments :wink:
  8. Click to get larger. Photo by me. And editing too of course
  9. It's cool, but can I say feather? We had this very bright rainbow in Finland today. I took some photos and stitched them together.. not with WELL why do I post it here then? Because the panorama wasn't perfect, few parts were missing and the colours weren't very good. Click to get larger. The first one is the original file made by autostitch and the second one is edited with pdn.
  10. You want the lens plugin. It's included in the Ed Harvey effects if I remember correct. With this plugin you can only create the effect on the third photo. I think the first two were taken with a fish eye lens or another method that allows you to make photos with high field of view.
  11. You know, this plugin is unreal EDIT: I tried it on few photos and the results were amazing. This is one of the darkest pictures and I didn't even know there was people on the photo . Original on the right. Click to get larger
  12. I must say, those rings look awesome. Such a simple and effective method :o