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PDN Not Included For Something it Works Great At.

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At Wikipedia they have information explaining what Digital Scrapbooking is. They give examples of typically used software and even included a free software, which I gave up on because PDN was less frustrating for me to quickly get the hang of.


I guess I'm a little puzzeled that PDN was not added to the Wikipedia list of software available as a good option for Digital Scrapbooking. It should be. It's easy to use for digital scrapbooking purposes. In fact, I have no idea why others haven't been sharing its awesomeness within the digital scrapbooking community, which is a very large mass of people around the world.




Shouldn't PDN rightfully be included in that listing of "Digital Scrapbook Software" on that Wikipedia explanation of Digital Scrapbooking?


On the other hand, maybe I'm missing something and there are reasons for it, but I have been using PDN to do digital scrapbooking and eventually began using PDN entirely.



(YEAH!! I made a shorter post to read!)

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I hath the power. "Let it be so." And so, it came to pass... :mrgreen:



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I placed the word free in there to catch people as they work along the options. Expensive, expensive, oh wait - free? I'll take it!


"Free" is used extensively on the official website








And we've come to know it as "the BEST free image and photo editing application for Windows based PCs"



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"Free" is used extensively on the official website

I'm guessing most of that simply carried over from when paint.net was actually free software (MIT License).

The license page does clarify that "free" in this context is limited to no cost, the freedom of redistribution, and the freedom to run the program.

But sure, the average Joe on the internet won't know the difference freeware and free software, so no not a big deal.

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As it came to pass, it seemed a fine evening for personal growth on Max's computer, and thus he went on to edit the Spanish Wikipedia article on digital scrapbooking as well (let's consider that Max's first language is Spanish and that's how all of this started :P) down2.gif





And follows proof that it was Max's edition, the rank of captain being self-appointed (sorry for that :P)





As a side comment, this was a good opportunity and excuse to make my first Wikipedia edition ever! JC_cheesy.gif

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Heads-up from a formerly serious Wikipedian: Be careful editing an article about a topic you're closely associated with.  Don't want to be accused of bias.  :-)


Not that I'm accusing any of you of that.  Just a heads-up.


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Ah. I'm safe there. I've never scrapbooked in my life :mrviolet:

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