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Paint.NET image dropper indicates white and gold dress is actually blue and black

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Using the image dropper on the above image seems to indicate a bug in Paint.NET.

The image dropper reports the same color and RGB values for the clearly white and gold dress on the left and the blue and black dress on the right.


It's a very interesting bug to say the least.





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The dress image is just an optical illusion similar to this one:


In the above image, squares A and B are the same color. Check with eye dropper tool.

In the dress image, your color perception is being manipulated by the context (background color).

In other words, there is no bug in paint.net relating to the eye dropper tool. :P

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You just messed with my head BoltBait :/

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The TV show BrainGames had an illusion similar to BoltBait's except in color. It looked something like a Rubik's cube, with one side apparently in shadow. The lighted top side had a brown square and the shadowed side had an orange square, but the two squares were actually exactly the same color. It added to the shading illusion the curious fact that brown is seen as a separate hue, not just as dark orange.


(The dress color looks blue to me. I can't imagine it looking white.)


EDIT: Here's the cube:



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