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Vignette Plus

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*NEW* Vignette+ Plugin

Here is a new plugin to assist you in adding a vignette to an image.

Differences to the built-in Vignette effect:

-Can add a vignette to a blank canvas

-Can add a black, white, or color vignette

-Rendered vignettes are softer than the built-in effect


Download here:



If you are using Paint.NET 4.0 or beyond, download here: https://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/32048-v

Install the normal way. Once installed, look under:

Effects > Photo > VignettePlus.png Vignette+...

Enjoy! :D:beer:

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You're most welcome! I'm happy you liked the video and also my voice - in one of the next videos I even may speak English. :smile: 


And I definitely will explain more effects of your impressive collection. Today I explored your Sharpen Landscape and Combined Photo Adjustments ...


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I know that the videos are subtitled in English.  I only said that because my heritage is German.  After all, my last name is Issel.


My German is limited to one phrase: Ein Bier bitte


My wife, on the other hand, speaks fluent German. She lived there for a year during college.

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