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Welcome to my gallery!


For older work, visit my PDN Fans gallery.



That's right - more clipwarp!









Most recently I've been playing with Red Ochre's excellent Clip Warp plugin. It is just so cool!








The Escher-influenced sig comp got me thinking ...

This might be it for a while. I went to a wonderful calligraphy class on the weekend and I want to keep on playing with what I learned there. But it probably won't be long before I get stuck to my computer chair again.

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Yippy!  Blackpenny is here with her beautiful renditions.  Your Clipwarp is certainly fine-tuned (you've been practicing) and such a fabulous banner.  So nice to have you here hug.gif    


How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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"Rescuing one animal may not change the world, but for that animal their world is changed forever!" anon.

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Thank you Welshblue, Red ochre, DrewDale, doughty, Helen, Pixey, and Sashwilko.


(Great new avatar, Pixey! Is that you?)


Yes, I have been practicing with Clip Warp. As usual, I start out with what would happen if I did this? and see how it turns out. Sometimes it's hideous, sometimes it's okay, and sometimes it's pretty cool. I don't keep the ones that are hideous. :D


And now I'm jumping between the computer and my real paper and ink - it's insane, but fun!



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BP, I love the gallery banner! I am so happy that you have your own gallery here. Well done!


Your works with Clipwarp are just so good. You have such great ideas. Experimentation is what art is all about for me. I do the same with yarns.


Hope you have a great time at the calligraphy class. :D


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Thanks barbieq!


The class was great, and I just want to keep on with what we were doing. A few of us are getting together tonight to do some more.


Here is an example. Not one of my favourite pieces, I wish I hadn't wet it, but it gives you an idea. It was about Sacred Geometry. We were drawing circles and joining certain points, and coming up with some really neat patterns. This one had a sort of kitty-cat face, but it got lost when we tore the pages to manuscript size. There's still part of it at the bottom.





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I particularly like the 2nd of the new ones - 4ksj0Tf - not a very catchy title!
'Light Rays' as the object layer?
Looks great - very smooth!
Could be a ?leaf in an air raid. :)

Great work. Others very good too. I like your original thinking.


Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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@Daniels - thank you. How many layers? It depends what I start with. If it's a simple image I'll follow Red ochre's instructions in the plugin thread. I start with a background image, duplicate it and blur it or something. Then add a layer with text or a shape and run Object Edge, and run clipwarp with the blurred image on the clipboard. So 3 or 4 layers, because I will duplicate things and experiment.


For the B&W ones, I  started with a hex grid and a checkerboard, ran Shaped Gradient on each, then used clipwarp in different combinations, so I ended up with about 10 layers and got 4 images out of it. A lot of layers are trying different things and I keep them all for further messing around. Any more than that and I get  confused, even when I name the layers.


@Helen - thank you. Yeah, shiny things - I'm so easily distracted. Forget ADD, this is serious ADOS - Attention Deficit ... Oooh, Shiny! :P


@Sasha - thank you. I just love playing with clipwarp and seeing what happens. And then combining it with some of my other fave plugins.


@Red ochre - thank you. I couldn't do it without you and your plugins. :) Imgur gave them the titles. My name for that one is clipwarp_rays - still not catchy, but it tells it like it is. Light rays for the object, and for the background along with Shaped Gradient. I've played with that one a lot too.



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