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  1. Thanks @ blackpenny. So glad i did this!
  2. Thank you pixey! I appreciate it
  3. Thanks, blackpenny! New art is up, I hope you like!
  4. I love the bold, dramatic feel to your designs. Great work!
  5. I've been looking through your gallery and online portfolio, and I have to say that I'm a fan! Your glossys are very well done!
  6. I use to scan crumpled paper, but that has proven to be less than reliable. I have a a folder full of paper textures that are both clip art as well as textures I've created using tutorials, from here and elsewhere.
  7. New art is up, would love some feedback!
  8. My thanks for your welcome! In response to the poster, the reference to Soviet propaganda is actually relevant, since the Winter Soldier is Captain America's soviet counterpart.
  9. My first gallery... ever! I know i should say something clever, but i got nuthin. So, here we go... Concept design for Captain America 2 poster, inspired by the minmalist poster that came out before Avengers (I'd give credit, bit I honestly don't know who made them) Uploaded with ImageShack.us Second Cap America 2 poster I did my own "Save the Dates" for my upcoming wedding Geeky flyer for a Facebook group I started Logo for same geeky group Airbrush/ photo manipulation Poster for a Firefly transport A V-Day card I made for my fiancee A T shirt I'd like to own, to go with my Millennium Falcon shirt Star Wars PSA concept, original artwork sampled displayed below; http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/717/lekdanger.jpg/'> Poster for charity screening
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