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Import/Open ACO files (PS Palettes)

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I have done several searches (using Google site search, "standard" Google search, and the search here) and haven't found the answer to this, but it seems I wouldn't be the first person to bring this up. Is there a plugin that allows you to convert ACO palettes for use in Paint.NET? Thanks.

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I don't know of any such plugin, but here's a workaround for you:

1. Install the "Palette from image" plugin. Make sure you read the instructions on how to use it (In the topic where you downloaded it from)

2. If the palette has a preview image (that shows all the colors it contains), right click on the image and click "copy image." If not, you'll have to take a screenshot of the palette in photoshop or another program that can open the palette

3. Open paint.net and paste the image. Make sure you crop to the image so that no extra colors are showing

4. Run the "palette from image" plugin (Effects>Tools>Palette From Image)

Now you have a palette!

EDIT: forgot to explain how to use it :lol:

To use the palette, just click on the "manage palettes" button in the color window (looks like an open folder) and find the palette you made

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I'm wondering if this will do the job: PaletteConverter BETA

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I'm wondering if this will do the job: PaletteConverter BETA

That tool will not work as Photoshop palettes use a different format.

ACO files would be easy to convert, the main problem being that Paint.NET can only use a 96 color palette.


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