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Rockandroll's little gallery New Waterorb april 4th 2012


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My latest image. Waterorb. I used Welshblue's tutorial to create the inside of the orb.


The hand i created for my avatar. Rock on!


This is my first abstract. . Its called brainstorm.


The image of the rose was the hardest i have ever done with Paint net. It has more then 100 layers. Enjoy :)


I hope you like fruit. Anyways, its good for ya :)


Cat, purr....


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i can't see anything

- Perhaps it's the Cheshire cat :D

Seriously good image.

Criticism: - none! .

Compliments: - love the fur textures, overall composition, little glint on right eye lower eyelid, wonderful subtle 'eyelash' type whiskers.

Good use of simple colour scheme too! Overall, a brilliant first image - looking forward to seeing more ;)

I'm not normally so 'gushy' - but this is very professional looking image.


Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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That's pretty awesome! I'd be interested to know how you achieved the fur effect. The eyes are really well done. Very life-like. I didn't see the picture before you colored the ears. If this is any indication, I think you're going to be one to watch! Nicely done!

The fur was actually the easy part in this image. I used noise and zoomblur to create it. Try it out , it gives very realistic effects. I was thinking of making a tutorial but i saw Nidoking already made one using motionblur. Zoomblur adds more possibilties. Anyways, glad you liked it :)

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Thanks all for taking the time, to watch and comment on my post. And such nice comments too :)

@ Red Ochre, Jim100361 and Delpart: As soon as i find the time i will make a tutorial of the banana. it might take a while tho. There is also a pear tutorial made by Oma that you might wanna see if you not have seen it already

@ Dug and Welshblue: I like my fruit to be fresh ;) but i might make an image of the fruit how it looks a week later hehe

Now i am off to look at some of your gallery's and be amazed by the artwork you all created :)

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