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  1. Err... I am not sure how to respond to that. Maybe i am a bit slow, but i dont get it. Are you sure that you replied to the right topic. Seems a bit off to me
  2. @ aislin: thanks Aislin. Alphamask is a great help for images as you make. I am glad i could help. Thanks goonfella. Yes, i did the grapes as well. its 100 procent paint.net, no stocks were used.
  3. Awsome gallery. i love how you made the hair on all the woman's images (i still have problems with that). your avatar is adorable. Overall a very impressive gallery
  4. I am with Helen, i would like one of these as a real sculpture. It must have taken a lot of time to create this. Awsome work.
  5. @ igaboo:, nice attempt, i like it @ Welshblue: i am glad you found it useful "old dog", i cant wait to see the result of oma's and my tutorial. knowing your work it will be awsome i am sure @ Dug: Am flattered that you want my tutorial to be stickied, since this is my first tutorial. thanks for for the compliment ...took me a while before i realised that you mean a real mouse hehe
  6. Thanks guys, this is my first tutorial so was kind of nervous about it @ red ogre: It took a while to figure out to how to insert links but finally fixed it. I have never done a watercolour painting, maybe i should give it a try hehe @ yellowman: I like the squash very much, but i see what you mean. In all fairness, the texture and stalk are a bit more complicated as my "simple" banana. With your talent i am sure you get it right after a few tries.
  7. impressive image, in more then one way, The beam is is awsome, but the desolation of the man stays with me long after i closed the image. one of your best works imo
  8. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it HOW TO MAKE A REALISTIC BANANA Plugin used: Alphamask Import by Illnab 1024 This will be the endresult Example of how i used it Note: in this tutorial i give exact numbers of the opacity of the layers, blurs and colors, which are my personal preferences, they are no strickt rules, just play around with it Open a new image 800 x 600 with the default white background. add a new layer and use the linetool (set to 5 pixel) to create the shape of a banana, rough edges can be
  9. The livingroom looks great. i love how you can see the trees through the window. The glossy icons are very good as i expected them to be hehe. i like the one with the earth in it most. Good job
  10. Great image, i like the concept and the glass panels are beautiful. nice and shiny Good work
  11. Very nice wallpapers. i love Kenzi. it rminds me somehow on a butterfly. Other favorates are purple satin and times two and The rose of Peter. You are very talented, Looking forward to see more
  12. Very nice gallery. Your glassy works are superb You have you own recognisable "cartoonish" style that brings a smile on my face . The Simplicity image just stole my heart. looking forward to see more of your work
  13. You are a true artist. i am totally flabbergasted. Not only because of the realisme in your work but also the compositions (especially your abstracts). i want posters off them so i can hang them on my walls. I love love love your work
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