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  1. Thanks guys, Congrats to Nai, good job for a first attempt and thanks Daniels for hosting
  2. wonderfull images, the truck is awsome and the animated ventilator is superb. I dont like spacecapes, but i can see you did a great job with those too, i love to see more of your work.
  3. Err... I am not sure how to respond to that. Maybe i am a bit slow, but i dont get it. Are you sure that you replied to the right topic. Seems a bit off to me
  4. @ aislin: thanks Aislin. Alphamask is a great help for images as you make. I am glad i could help. Thanks goonfella. Yes, i did the grapes as well. its 100 procent paint.net, no stocks were used.
  5. Awsome gallery. i love how you made the hair on all the woman's images (i still have problems with that). your avatar is adorable. Overall a very impressive gallery
  6. i like the image of your son. He is so cute! Lovely images, cant wait to see them when they are finished
  7. Is it a bird , is it a rock, its RockQuail! Adorable image. Nice work dug
  8. @ Barbieq25: thanks for your kind words @ Welshblue, Helen and Dug: Thanks for the compliments and yes, I agree with you so i fixed it (i actually made a shadow for the first image but it somehow got lost in the layers hehe) @ Aislin: Nice to meet you . Yes, i make all my images from scratch.( i do look at pictures or real objects as reference tho, the hand i made by looking at my own hand for example) I like the challenge of solving the problems that come my way. I have learned the most of mistakes i made and then "repairing" them. Paint.net is like a big puzzle for me and i love puzzles
  9. My latest image: Waterorb. Thanks to welshblue's tutorial, i could create the inside of the the orb. I am still not pleased with the seawater but after fiddling around for a week now i decided to post it.
  10. Wow, amazing gallery. i just love your abstracts. The stock manipulation "Run" is awsome an makes me consider to try out photomanipulation myself. One of my favorates is the gallery image where you start with. There are so much good images here ( i even like the space images, which i normally dont). Your latest image is a beauty aswell ( its kind of familiar). Overal a very impressive gallery. .. thanks for sharing the links to the tutorials and music . very much appreciated.
  11. @ igaboo:, nice attempt, i like it @ Welshblue: i am glad you found it useful "old dog", i cant wait to see the result of oma's and my tutorial. knowing your work it will be awsome i am sure @ Dug: Am flattered that you want my tutorial to be stickied, since this is my first tutorial. thanks for for the compliment ...took me a while before i realised that you mean a real mouse hehe
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