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  1. I'd say just directly attach the Dents Classic .dll to the original tut/top level here. It is different and the stretch is what makes the difference for sure. Its not huge or anything. Heck the amount of text that gets added from people asking for/about it, etc will or has probably exceeded the size of that single file ... I'd attach it to this post but it would be buried. Figure top level attachment is better. Still keep the link to the original but its not doing any good right now. Dead links aren't reported by anon-users of this forum ... IMO, they are the one's most likely to be th
  2. No worries. All this tech can be pretty overwhelming. First it was our remotes. Then came the phones ... now you're expected to somehow instinctively know about 5 different operating systems and all the nuances for getting all your toys to play with one another, including your car! ... Dont kick yourself over any of it. And of course, Welcome to the forum.
  3. (found myself being just a critic and not critiquing just now ............) The glass panels aren't working for me. Not sure how to explain it though. Never paid much attention to this song from her before this. Thanks for that as I'm a huge fan of rabbit holes. Its good work WB, just not sure it came together or I've got too much grief etc going on right now to be more creative in the feedback.
  4. Yeah, highlight, copy, paste is much harder than typing out that entire sentence ... I think the word you were looking for was egotistic or pretentious.
  5. File is clean. False warning ... If you are using Internet Explorer, this is the message you'll get for any .dll and a number of other file types to prevent people from doing things they shouldn't, prevent hackers from doing various things, etc. In this case, it's not actually evaluating the file in any way, just looking at the .dll extension and throwing out this "warning." ... Just ignore (on some levels) when its from a trusted source. As always though, practice due diligence on any file you grab with basic virus scan checks and site reporting, etc. Evan's effects code is clean, etc f
  6. Well today wasn't any better but I'd better mention ... something. Cross image. Good technical points, cant stand crucifix art. Nuff said on that. Love the cactus. Made me homesick again. Nice capture, neat frame. Feels brushed not rendered. Reminds me of my grandmother's oil on canvas of various areas of the desert.
  7. In many ways there are a lot of things a bot can help with ... in this case I dont think this is a language barrier issue at all, but a simple bot that helped us out. Upswing is that you opted to use it's response in a great way to add more depth to the base texture concept. Found it odd just now that there wasn't more actual texture variations on the basic marble patterns (PDN google based results). Lots of examples here and there, but I guess that's the PDN numbers game on some levels. I would suggest looking into adding splinter blur and cloud deformation of set line patterns as a b
  8. Well I can finally add a reply ... Guess I needed to do that housecleaning on my cache after all. Really wonderful stuff. Grats to all for taking the time to add to the inspiration and theme. Lots of standout work (puns intended).
  9. Missed the other recent updates until this one. Very nice blends and modifications. Inspirational even for extending PDN work with such clarity. To mirror what others said, thank you for taking the time to drop them by here. Great examples to work from.
  10. Kudos for the level of detail you've presented in the improved version. Thank you for taking the time and effort.
  11. Might be CMYK conversion issue. I've seen that (in my limited use) of it coming out like that with CMYK source PSD files. If it can be converted to RGB at the source, you *may* get a different result when imorting it into PDN.
  12. learning to be an artist even though people tell me I'm not - and I'm hearing it more now than before I started ...maybe I really should switch to dev

  13. Nice one. Makes the eyes wander around to examine the whole.
  14. Ugly conversation material ... hrm, too many examples of less than favorable outcomes from letting faith being the only measure of a person. I dont see it in the work. The perlin background I simply love though. I could read into I guess to get the confliction you must feel from someone throwing a verbal stone or two, but I think I'll just skip the background influences this time and simply enjoy the outcome.
  15. The original image for step 2 was a duplicate. Now its just broken ... On the resize suggestion, I'd just go 50 or 60% reduction, otherwise you are going to distort the image as the dimensions are not proportional ... Though I often find taking screen captures of the reduction to be cleaner than what the methods provided do to the image ... Just trivia there. It causes me a lot of heartache to find artifacts when the visual 50% and the image reduction 50% dont match. I've used Xor and other things to verify I'm not wishing it differently mind you. Thanks for taking a couple of refinemen
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