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How to SOLVE Raw

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As the headline says, this isnt a request to get raw into the bin, i know its on the ETA, but.. now that my shoot is over, how do i acces the pics to work with them in this format?

I know converting em' into a JPG from another client might work ( my program accesses the files, so i assume it wont be a problem ) but I'd rather avoid that method, as I want to experiment with RAW and get to know it.

And yes, I know, i should have checked, but now that i didnt, i'd love tips on how to access the codec, preferebly with Paint.net as ive used this for 5 years and is familiar with it, but.. can this be done?

If not, i'd appreciate any help leading to other solutions.

Kind regards


Ps. Dear Dev's, plz dont take this the wrong way, your software is a perfect program for a small time photographer, but the RAW support is needed, seriously - just a friendly bump at the be-hind.


PS. I want to show you my work, every one of these pictures has been produced with a Canon SLR ( EOS 350D - Kiss n rebel ) and.. *fanfare* Paint.net - feel free to browse =)

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I have an Olympus E-PL1 camera that can shoot in the .ORF ( Olympus Raw Format ).

Olympus provides a plug-in for PhotoShop that comes in an .8ba format.

Maybe Canon does the same. I think there was a add-on for PDN that lets you use .8ba filters

8ba is Photoshop's Acquire plugin format which is more complex to support than the 8bf filter plugin format.


Plugin Pack | PSFilterPdn | Content Aware Fill | G'MICPaint Shop Pro Filetype | RAW Filetype | WebP Filetype

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None taken Jim.

My link was to expand on the discussion by not only providing the plugin links but to add the background as to what order to try them (hint: most recent first). Perhaps I wasn't clear on this.

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Hello, I landed here trying to get PDN to open .CR2 files from my Canon 600D.

I already had the RAW CODEC, downloaded from the Canon support site. I've given the link below. I then installed the RAWload (link below and again link #3 from jim's post) plugin (nothing more from that thread) and started PDN.

Images open right away from within Paint.NET with these two components. I hope this helps, and hasn't duplicated any other work or suggest (I did check, couldn't find anything).





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Thanks for the info Smiffa. Appreciate you posting the method that works for you.

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