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  1. Thank you so much for your plugins! Just a question: For what is used CurtisBlack.Resources.dll? The two others are simple understanding, but not it. Voilà!
  2. Ok, this is the bad Render menu: And the good Rendu menu: So, the plugins are: * Borders N'Shapes: pyrochild v.1.6 * Dither, Lattice and Textile: Ed Harvey Effects v.3.30 BUT Weave is also Ed Harvey Effects V.3.30 :?:
  3. Hi Olivier, I'm working with PdN 3.30. I have not found translation error but one bug (i'm not sure about it) : Effects menu, there are both Render items ; Render AND Rendu (English AND French). Plugins problem or translation error? Thank you for your great job!
  4. Thank you so much MadJik for this one and all your plugin!!
  5. Here are my personal high quality brushes, i've realized for PhotoFiltre application (2 years ago): http://tpegrp4.free.fr/PhotoFiltre/Brushes/ Note : each brushe width = height. They are Photoshop Brushes rippes 'Nice day
  6. I prefer Color Filter: there is no replacement here, just a filtrering, a level adjustment. :?
  7. A) It's under consideration as a JPEG format. Not quite there yet... Though Microsoft has stated that it will be licensed under their Open Specification Promise, that has also not yet happened. I recently read an article that stated it was free to use in PS CS2 and CS3 (JXR) and microsoft offers it as a download. Someone gave me the link : http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/deta%20...%20layLang=en. huuu :? It is official: JPEG consortium approves the Microsoft photo format. Moreover, the “HD Photo” doesn't exist any more: JPEG XR is the new one and only true name for this format.
  8. Thanks so much pyrochild for this pack! Just a question: for what is used pyrochild.effects.common.dll? Indeed, if I withdraw it from Effects folder, the plugins work correctly. Thank u
  9. Is this plugin fully compatible with Paint.Net 3.22 ? Thank you
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