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  1. THat is what I thought Still it is an awesome plugin Any ideas of where to get a good free easy fast 3d texture program?
  2. Can you texture the 3d object with a normal or bump map?"
  3. You are right, and I 100% understand this; however, Pyrochild and boltbait are also correct, I am merely seeking an effect to accomplish my set forth ideas. And if someday these effects could be implemented in as a plugin/tool... all the better for Thanks for your feedback though, I know I do not use proper terminology at times, and it is important to see that if I am not careful it can lead to some confusion.
  4. I can not program for the life of me; however, I have a few desired plugins, and if anyone is willing to make them... Great! The first plugin would be similiar to the new arrow plugin for 3.07. I would like to be able to toggle what kind of line would be drawn when drawing circles or ellipses. So be able to draw a dotted line circle, or whatever. My second plugin that I think I would find quite usefull is a better text interface. I would like to see text boxes with centering similiar to word programs, and different effects that you could do for words, like shadows, 3D, outline, ect. Theses are just 2 plugins I would find useful, and if anyone wants to program them great, if not that is okay too.