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  1. Ohhhh, I like it It seems dark, while still nice sorry, 4got to rate :oops: 9/10
  2. Cool I like it 8) 3 pics, the first 2 are separate, the third is combined Which do you like best?
  3. This is a pic I made foolin' around with the "Make a wave" tut. Looks kinda like an atom :
  4. Funny pic Avron Good job with the blur (I'm guessing that's what you used :? ) This pic is a mix of Photoshop and PdN, but it's mostly PdN
  5. Ya, It's actually my first drawing, thanks You know, I never would've thought you liked wolves
  6. That's strange, on my computer I saved it as jpg :?
  7. I really don't know how this ended up I find this a better image :wink:
  8. cool pics pulsar I wanted to just see if I could make a pool scene, with using 3D object for the balls and the cue. As you can tell, the backround was very roughly drawn
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