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  1. Mayor - 2 Axle - 0 Mayor's Sig - good,simple,bright and looks nice. Axle's Sig - too simple. and a bit dull
  2. Yes l3ron I do use photos. Thanks Chrisco i'll work with the AA problem.
  3. ENTERING SIGNATURE (AA problem? i know. im just lazy XD)
  4. csm 725-3 cooltew-1 csm's sig-simple & cool cooltew's sig-i dont really like anime.but cool sig dude
  5. there now on my gallery!!
  6. Himself 2 Siddek 1 Himself's Sig - simple & sleek,great job Siddek's Sig - simple & and needs more work,good job
  7. thanks weylin i dont know if i could make a tutorial but its much pretty the same as LJXD's tutorial on how to make a sig like that.
  8. punishr, I love your sig and art work! Keep it up!

  9. cooltew:0 weylin:1 cooltews sig is cool but you gotta love weylin's simplicity XD
  10. Ptuz: 3 Himself22: 0 #Winner: Ptuz cool wall efect btw for ptuz.i just love graffs nc try himself
  11. Chrisco:3 Weylin:2 #Winner Chrisco liked the effect you did on sonic
  12. i just used some effects and traced it again at the end to make it look smooth.and it is 100% at Paint.net
  13. presenting my Vectors using Paint.net sorry if their too big and my sigs
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