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  1. I was just trying my third attempt on my PSI wheel and it still wasn't moving then...i saw in the corner of my eye the charger wire moving,i immediatley looked at it and it just flopped down again.Was that telekinesis?!?!
  2. Yeah, i understand, everyone has there own view of art and L3ron ive put that as my sig.
  3. CSM-3 Birdhouse-0 I really like the 3-D effect. #Winner CSM
  4. OK, thanks for the tips and everything but i just need to be more creative and figure out how to do more effects.
  5. is feeling awsome

  6. This thread is to show off my awsome backgrounds! (Will be showing differen't ones every month) FireAsh: Hippy: Jungle vines: SpiralMaze: VanGough: 1thousand1: Aqua: GoldBrick: HoneyComb: Darkness: Hidden Content: Mazy: Crystal: Arty: SpiralFlame:
  7. I am a newbie to Paint.NET and these are some of my first projects, please rate them out of 10. 1st Project 2nd Project
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