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  1. Chrisco:3 CSM:0 Chrisco's is more interresting,altough you see tiny bits that ain't rendered good I will enter with a simple one:
  2. Why does everyone link to Forummer,please,that site doesn't excist anymore,so please link to a place where we CAN download the freakin plugin
  3. Ye,never remove internet hosted pictures from your profile,some people cant see em then
  4. 22.)Use Ripple(Effects->Distortions->Ripple)
  5. I lightened the hell out of it,Ididn't follow the lightening step,just light it and we'll see
  6. Oh,Rectangle the whole picture,CTRL+RMousebutton on lines,then bevel and erase the outer lines...got it
  7. Yes,but how to select the area around?You draw a line,then you select it by some way...Do you mean magic wand the lines?
  8. Can you explain with pictures of how to select the smileylines?I can't follow your post for Alex979
  9. Magic wand and then erase the black part
  10. Ok,I'm someone that started looking at forums late,Keep discovering stuff,but everytime someone posts a tutorial they refer with the plugins to forumer.blablabla stuff... Then I get a 404 error,that it's been inactive for 30days or longer,didn't meet the Terms and Regulation and stuff. I'm kinda getting pissed of that,maybe that the webdesigner can add a section where they can refer to their plugins?
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