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  1. No, that's what his hair looks like in real-life Thanks for your feedback
  2. Really awesome Pics! Nice gallery.
  3. Was it really done in Paint.NET? Cause it looks kinda amazing lol.
  4. Chrisco97 - 3 himself22 - 0 #winner Chrisco97
  5. LOL. I watched some tutorials and I watched some other people when they were making sigs so I kinda learned from them
  6. Thanks for your postive feedback. That guy is the guy (lol) you play in Prototype
  7. Thanks Chrisco! I don't know, like less than a month? But why do you ask? The first one is my recent one, i used some plugins I just downloaded from here
  8. Hey Guys & Girls! My first post, yaay! Well, here are some of my sigs: Here's my gallery on Photobucket: http://s320.photobucket.com/albums/nn352/Team_GFX/InfernoKiLLa/